Being tired can severely impact your productivity. Below, we list some unique ways to help boost your energy and improve your productivity. 

Schedule Every Detail with Time Blocking

You may create a to-do list daily, but have you heard of time blocking? Time blocking is a great way to budget your time and get tasks done. 

A to-do list is just a list of tasks you need to accomplish. Time blocking, on the other hand, takes those tasks and budgets specific periods to work on them. For example, you may work in an office between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You may have specific tasks you need complete when you first get into the office, such as checking and responding to emails.

 To support various meetings or sessions, you may also need to designated specific periods for creating briefs. Blocking off an hour or two each day to work on these briefs can help you break this task into smaller blocks or keep them up to date for daily check-ins. You may also have collaborative sessions with the a remote productivity platform with individual members of your team throughout the week to ensure tasks remain on target. This may mean you block off two hours of your afternoon for desk meetings. A designated period each day for reviewing the status of completed tasks and remaining tasks may also help you prepare for the next day. 

Regardless of how your day looks, time blocking can help ensure you get your tasks completed on time. While this may seem overwhelming, it is a proven method that can help you better budget your time and even get tasks completed earlier than anticipated.

Take Advantage of the Cold to Increase Productivity

Have you ever noticed that cold tends to wake you up? Utilize that basic reaction to help increase your productivity. A cold shower in the morning can help wake up you and get your day started fully alert. It may take a while to get used to, but it is worth the effort if you find yourself struggling to get ready in the morning. 

Research shows that cold increases emotional resilience while reducing stress. An ice pack on the back of the neck throughout the day can also help increase your alertness and, therefore, improve productivity. After all, hours spent hunched over a computer can not only impact your posture, it can also lead to moments where the monotony has your eyes drooping. Add an ice pack and perk yourself up. 

If you have the time, the WIM Hof Method is another way to help reset your internal power and increase your energy levels. The WIM Hof Method includes three power practices, including cold therapy, breathing patterns, and commitment. If you find yourself continuously tired, it may be time to look into a new lifestyle. 

Improve Your Sleep to Increase Alertness

Getting plenty of quality sleep is one of the best ways to increase your alertness. After all, your sleep is crucial to not only your restfulness but also your health and ability to recover from mental and physical exertion. 

If you find yourself struggling to get enough sleep at night, there are several things you can do to help. First, try some simple stretches. These can help release any tension and help loosen your body. They also help put your muscles at ease and prepare them for relaxing. 

If your mattress is past its lifespan, you might also want to consider investing in a new one. A non-toxic mattress is a great way to increase your rest while decreasing the number of harmful chemicals and toxins being inhaled while you sleep. Organic mattresses are made through green manufacturing processes and natural materials, so they are just as good for the environment as they are for your comfort. 

Another suggestion is to invest in an organic buckwheat pillow. Organic buckwheat pillows are known for their firmness, which is better for the support of your back and shoulders. They also keep you cooler than cotton, so they’re ideal for sleepers who tend to overheat while they sleep. You can find a list of the best organic pillows here

Avoid Caffeine Later in the Day

Caffeine can undoubtedly boost your alertness. However, the more you drink, the more your tolerance to it increases. This means you need to consume more and more of it just to get the same reaction you initially had. 

How can you combat this? First, you should eliminate caffeine after 11:00 AM. These trace amounts may be keeping you up at night and, therefore, impacting your ability to get enough sleep. Secondly, you should monitor your overall caffeine consumption. Eliminating large quantities of caffeine from your diet can reset your tolerance levels. A cup or two in the morning may be just enough if you reset your tolerance levels and stop consuming large quantities later in the day. 

Eliminate Distractions to Enhance Focus

Time batching is similar to time blocking. However, it helps you to better focus on particular types of tasks. For example, you may have several simple activities that are easy to complete but take time away from larger, more complete tasks. 

Blocking off time to work through several of the simple tasks segregates these tasks. You can then budget the next several hours to tackle more difficult tasks. Should you need a break from these intensive tasks, another batch of smaller tasks may help give you a break and still allow you to accomplish plenty. 

Need a Break? Listen to Your Body and Take One

Taking a break is an essential part of your day. It gives you some time to decompress and mentally prepare for the next task that needs to be completed. But only just checking your phone between meetings and tasks is not always enough. 

Take a 15-minute walk outside and get some fresh air. Stretch a bit, taking advantage of the oxygen supplied to your muscles as you reach above your head and take a deep breath. Other breaks could include short meditations, completing a quick crossword puzzle, or taking a stroll around the office to stretch your legs and clear your mind.