The origins of this amazing kind of boat are traced back to indigenous people, who are now called The Inuit. Thanks to them, we have one of the most amazing kinds of sport to us which now comes with a wide range of option. Out of those choices, two are the most opted ones, generally known as “Sit in Kayak” and “Sit on Top Kayak”. The names speak for themselves but the technicalities involved are worth listening, especially if you are new to this and are willing to have some quality experience. The focus of this article is on sit on top kayak. Hence, it will further help you in identifying some of the best sit on tops you can get and why you should opt for them.

There are numerous reasons as to why you should choose sit on top kayak to explore the world by paddling in all kind of waters. A quick list would include the following points:

Rescue Factor: The ultimate fear is the fear of death and that too in water is terrifying. Although, with a ‘sit on top kayak’, you will never have to worry about being stuck in water if you fall off the kayak. You can simply flip it over and start paddling again.

Comfortable: For people with long legs and large body types who always feel restricted in various types should not think twice before getting a sit on top, it is literally made for you comfort.

Steadiness: To get an idea of how steady and stable a sit on top kayak is, it is enough to know that if prepared, you can even stand in it.

After this brief understanding of why to buy a sit on top kayak, let’s not waste any more time and move directly to the list of some of the best options. If you are really interested to see a complete dataset, we suggest you visit this list with a good quality sit on top kayaks.


  1. Ride 135

The specifications of this solo kayak which can take up to 550 pounds includes the material it is made up of which is polyethylene. You can paddle your way through in open waters and oceans in this amazing piece of innovation which allows you to remain stable in its 13ft, 6in long length and 31.5in width. This type of kayak like many other sit on tops is perfect for warn weather as the material with which the seat is made up of will help you stay cool and at ease. What else does it offer? Well, the removable seat will surely help you to have a comfort chair when you stop by at a shore for rest. There are certain arrangements for your comfort so that you can explore such as the cup holder to keep you hydrated and many more.


  1. Pescador Pro 12.0

Do you love water, the oceans, the rivers and the life underneath? Are you fond of fishing and can spend a whole day doing so? Well Pescador Pro 12.0 is definitely your final answer and the gift that you were waiting for. Along with great comfort and stability options, this kayak which is designed for one person will allow you to enjoy your expedition and fish all day long without getting tired because of the comfortable seating arrangement.


  1. Fast Track 385ft

This is regarded as one of the lightest weighted kayaks with utter speed and steadiness which is the result of how it is designed. This type of kayak gives you an opportunity to paddle with someone as it provides space for 1-3 people, but if you wish to embark this journey alone and feed your soul with the nature, you are welcome to do so. One thing to remember about this type is to wash it with fresh water if used in salted water, this is important because to have something great, you need to provide great care as well.


  1. Tarpon 140

The major strength of tarpon 140 is the space available, the storage capacity is remarkable and so you don’t have to worry if you want to stay in the sea. The other reason is that it is also designed in a way that it allows you to do fishing in the open sea. The adjustable seat allows the solo trip to be a comfortable one. Apart from that, if you are an adventurer, tarpon 140 will be the best partner one can get out there in open waters.


  1. Malibu Two, XL Angler:

If you are one of those enthusiastic parents who wants their child to be versatile, who wants him/her to learn all the skills and you’re willing to teach them, this type of sit on to kayak is definitely for you, A Kayak, originally designed for two people which allows you to explore. You can also go on this adventure along with your partner. The stability of this kayak is what would make your trip beautiful.

Hopefully, this small but descriptive last of sit on top kayaks will help you in deciding which one to choose when heading onto an adventure filled kayaking experience. If you are still confused and unsure, you might as well look up to some of the below mentioned sit on top kayak names in order to make a wise decision. This is important because the experience that you are heading onto might be one of its kinds. The list of some other best quality kayaks is as follows:

  • Pyranha Fusion
  • Tootega Pulse 120
  • Wavesport Scooter
  • Nomad Sport

The variety that is offered in sit on top kayaks is in front of you and the qualities and uniqueness of each type is also evident. This is to understand the importance of such sports in a person’s life. We all have our daily jobs, the same routine and a whole bundle of responsibilities but that certainly should not be the reason to stop enjoying life. To end this article on a very important note, kayaking is one of those sports which isn’t bound by age limits, people of all ages are encouraged to take part in it, in different and more suitable ways.