How to plan a video production?

The draft

Start by identifying your communication goals in a few words. Why do we want to produce a video? What are we investing in?

Once the objectives have been determined, it is easier to make the right decisions about the content, the choice of words and images to present and whether you could opt for an online video maker.


Test your concept

Test the idea of your video project with your colleagues and even with people who are outside your field. What is the reaction to your approach? Continue your reflection by surfing on the web. Look at the trends here but also everywhere else on the web. You can also take some tips from video production Brisbane based companies.

Identify your primary and secondary audience. Don’t forget who the video is for.


Cameraman taking a look at the budget of your corporate video

For the budget can you have internal partners or external? Sometimes the travel of a camera crew is expensive but the costs can be shared by a few users. This video shoot allows you to collect images on a site that may be used by various colleagues, partners or divisions of the company.


In post-production, a slightly modified montage with a modified narrative and titles can accomplish very different objectives if it is intended for internal communications, marketing or recruitment.



Write a brief of a few lines for the video producer. It can be very short. The important thing is to present your communications objectives. For more information about video production services NJ based you can contact New Cape Pictures.


Specify the purpose of the video. Why a video? How will it be broadcast? On your site? For an event? For single use or for the long term? Your budgetary considerations will differ depending on how you use them.

The audience: who is it? Your potential clients? Your existing customers? Your employees? Your partners? Where an actor or narrator is involved in the production, the rate is determined in part by the broadcast.


The deadline

Set a time frame: do you have a delivery date for a specific event?



Filming locations: Although the scenario is not determined, there may be places or people to shoot in specific locations that are critical to you. Which sites do you want to present as a priority? The producer must calculate how many days of filming are required to harvest the necessary sequences.



What versions are required? In what language? in French, in English? In another language? Do you want subtitles?

What’s your approximate budget? When you shop for a car or a house you have a budget. Try to give an idea of your ways to receive proposals that are relevant with a reasonable deviation


Choice of provider for your corporate video

As such you will receive offers that will allow you to evaluate creativity and expertise and limit the number of bidders. Then choose three firms that seem serious and compare the offers according to your criteria.


Why use video?

Because it’s better than the word and the ability of online video to influence decision-makers is just behind that of verbal transmission. A video of your activity is expected by internet users. Ignoring this reality would be a serious mistake in a communication strategy. This is one of the reasons why the online video market is about to dethrone the TV commercial.