No matter what the occasion is, the cakes hold an important place in the celebrations. The amazing flavor of rich chocolate powder, the vanilla essence, sugar, and the eggs together make a perfect cake to add the much-needed sweetness to your special day.

If you’re the one born with the sweet-tooth in your family, then the cakes and cookies must be your best friends right from childhood. Be it a birthday party, anniversaries, or any casual day we always look for a piece of cake. A beautiful happy birthday cake or a giant wedding cake, there are a lot of occasions when we get the chance to taste them. An ultimate dark chocolate cake or a red velvet one is everyone’s favorite But, are you the one who wants to try something new every time? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. So, here we have something new for everyone out there. We have rounded up 5 different varieties of velvet cakes that are equally mouth-watering as the traditional red velvet one, and you will love to try them out at least once.

So, this is our list of some amazing velvet cakes that you can consider for your next party

Yellow Velvet Cake

The color yellow is always soothing to the eyes similarly, this yellow velvet cake has everything to satisfy your taste buds. The cake is topped with lemon cream frosting and is garnished with lemon zest. The fresh flavor of lemon is refreshing enough to make you feel happy and energized. If you’re looking for something different than the usual cakes, then try the yellow velvet cake this time.

White Velvet Cake

The delicious white velvet cake is the same as the classic red velvet one with a perfect amount of sweetness in them. If you’re someone who loves understated things and are not a fan of colors, then this cake will be a great option for you. The moist vanilla cake, with the cheese cream filling with no added dye makes it a perfect choice for your birthday.

Blue Velvet Cake

If you’re someone who loves to experiment with colors, then this rich blue velvet cake is your ultimate pick. The vibrant blue color with the same rich texture that the traditional red velvet offers you will make you fall in love. This cake can please your eyes and your taste buds. You can easily spot the different shades of blue in this one.

Blush Pink Velvet Cake

For most of the young girls, pink is their dream color. Right from school bags, clothes to barbie dolls, they want everything to be pink. Then why not a blush pink birthday cake for them? The strawberries work perfectly well to add a hint of pink to the buttercream frosting. The rich velvety texture and the moist base makes it a perfect choice for your princess.

Black Velvet Cake

If you want the perfect amalgamation of chocolates and a velvety feel in your cakes, then this black velvet cake should be your first choice over any other cake. It’s a classic flavor with loads of black cocoa powder with the perfect amount of sweetness in it. This cake not only satisfies your eyes and tongue, whereas it is equally satisfying to cut into pieces. To give it a vibrant look, make sure to decorate it with fruits and cherries.

You can easily find these cakes in bakeries near you or can order cake online using the online cake delivery option to get the freshly prepared cake at your doorsteps.