Light plays a huge role in our life. It is crucial for ensuring visibility and aesthetics. If you are interested in lighting, you have come to the right place. From bare bulbs to elegant styles to vibrant shades and dynamic arrangements, each lighting trend will inspire you to transform your home. With 2020 being a difficult year, it is time that you made changes in 2021. With an effective design scheme, your lighting game will be a lot better.

Since people are spending more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are trying to beautify their homes to accommodate remote work and fewer outings. By incorporating the latest lighting trends in your home, you will notice a huge difference. At the end of the day, lighting has a purpose. Therefore, with a purpose in mind, you can take advantage of the following lighting trends.

  1. Focal Point Lighting

One of the hottest lighting trends in 2021 is focal point lighting. People are turning lighting to act as the main focal point. Ceiling lighting will not just act as functional lighting, but it will also prove to be a great visual piece. There will be a huge demand for elegant lighting fixtures. From contemporary style to minimalistic style, you will find lighting fixtures in just about every style that you can possibly think of.

Focal point lighting tends to be beautiful. It allows you to instantly improve the aesthetic of your home. Crafted ceiling lights will work their magic and transform each and every room that they are placed in. Now, you can simply opt for focal point lighting rather than purchasing any artwork or other design pieces. The lighting is the main attraction. It is important that you go for bold options.

The larger the space the more daring you need to be. There is no reason for you to shy away from any unconventional fixtures. Besides, you can dial back on other design elements and choose a piece that is suitable for your home or office.

  1. Sculptural Floor and Table Lamps

Another lighting trend that you will see in 2021 is sculptural floor and table floors. These lamps have bold designs and are a piece of art. They provide interest even when switched off. You can place various lamps to improve the beauty of the console table or sideboard. The lamps can even be placed next to larger pieces of furniture like a bed or sofa.

A great thing about floor lamps is that they are elegant and dutiful. They look amazing next to the sofa or armchair. In fact, you can create the perfect place to read your favorite books. Moreover, the lamps will light up the space when it gets dark. They provide a statement design piece and bring the space to life.

  1. Artful Ceiling

Lighting is meant to light the shadows. Once the sun sets, it might be a good idea to look for different ways to illuminate the space. You can light up the far corners of the house. The fact is that you need lighting in your home since sunlight will not linger during the colder months. By getting thoughtful and artful ceiling lighting, you can make each room looks its best.

Create a cozy sanctuary at home and hibernate once the weather gets colder. The ceiling lights can act as a focal point. For instance, you can get metallic details on the lighting to allow light to bounce off the room and create a great space. Artful ceiling is a trend that you will see a lot of.

  1. Bold Statement Lighting

Bold statement lighting is also a great trend that you need to learn more about. It consists of colored glass, interesting texture, and sculptural shapes. Anyone that sees the lighting in your home will be impressed by your sense of style. Select the lighting that suits your house style. When you are looking for bold statement lighting, you should take a look at the paintings and other decoration pieces in the room. Then, you can choose lighting that complements the space and does not cause a clash.

With good lighting, you get to take people by surprise. Anyone that walks into the space will be blown away by bold statement lighting. You will be able to draw attention to the desired space. The lighting will work well with the sculptures and other art pieces in the space. Some great examples that you should consider include midcentury lighting and industrial style lamps. They add excitement and a modern twist to the space.

  1. Color and Pattern

A lighting trend that you will see more of in 2021 is color and pattern. Both are vital elements in your home. With the right color and pattern, you get to speak to others on an emotional and aesthetic level. Elevate your home with the right color and pattern. The lighting will infiltrate through the room and furnishings. It will make its way onto the furniture and the people sitting in the room. Therefore, people will opt for colors and patterns for the lighting to ensure that it suits the aesthetic of the room.

The truth is that selecting lighting for the space should be similar to selecting accessories for your outfit. It should help set the right mood. Moreover, people will look into other options such as a custom pendant light to beautify the space. Lighting plays a major role in setting the right mood. Therefore, people will choose lighting that offers the desired color and pattern. Instead of selecting a main lighting source, you can opt for a few lamps. It can be flattering and interesting at the same time. The best thing about the lighting is that it allows flexibility. For instance, one can create an elegant space with the help of wall lighting.

The eclecticism of the trend allows you to get creative. You can go for design-led bases and shades. Beautiful interiors go hand in hand with the lighting. As people are stuck at home, they want to add as much color into their homes as possible. Although you might want to go for timelessness and classic silhouettes, it pays to go for something unique.

  1. International Lighting Styles

We live in a truly globalized world. Therefore, it makes sense for international lighting styles to make it big. In 2021, people will shop for Indian and Personal lighting. They will try to add a foreign touch to their home as they have been unable to travel in 2020. The classic, unending allure of international lighting styles will inspire people to include something from different parts of the world in their home. Re-imagine the look and feel of your home with international lighting styles.

Choose from feel-good lighting to contemporary lighting. You will be impressed with the lighting options. The lighting will create the desired aesthetic at home. You can transport the sunny climate to your home or a cool unlike any other through the lighting. The difference in block print, visuals, and design will allow you to have a psychedelic effect.

  1. Lava Lamps

Lava lamps are set to make it big this year. The trend is stemmed from a desire for nostalgia. The lamps are exquisite. They look great just about everywhere. You can place them wherever you want. More and more people are taking an interest in lava lamps. They are making a huge comeback this year.

There are plenty of searches online for lava lamps. A great thing about lava lamps is that they suit every space. Unlike what you might be misled into believing, they look great in every room and not just teenage bedrooms. They fit well with all types of aesthetics. The retro trend allows you to recall your childhood.  Since color plays an important role when it comes to interiors, it makes sense to get lava lamps. As the color changes, so will your mood.

The thing about lava lamps is that they are suitable for stripped back interiors as well. You can pair them with decoration pieces to add dimension to the space. The best thing about the trend is that it is the ideal option for those of you that want the room to look unique. Create new moods and shades with lava lamps.

  1. Bold Brass

Bold brass is also a lighting trend that you need to learn more about. It allows you to create the perfect modern space. The reason why it is expected to be popular this year is because it offers a warmer tone to your household. You will find the polished look to be perfect for most rooms. The subtle and elegant appearance of bold brass is unlike any other. The matt finish or high shine offered by the lighting is amazing. You can also use natural materials with the bold brass to accentuate the look and feel. To achieve a refined feel, you can utilize manmade materials like concrete.

  1. Increased Interest for Bedroom Lighting

Not only is living room lighting going to see a huge change this year, but so will bedroom lighting. There will be increased interest in the bedroom. In a post-pandemic world, people want to make sure that they are surrounded by a space that makes them feel good out themselves. This is why bedroom lighting will see a shift.

People will want to make sure that their bedroom lighting is appealing and sets the right mood. They want to be surrounded by the best lighting. Therefore, bedroom lighting needs more interest. Lighting for bedrooms is changing due to people spending more time in their bed. There are many people who are even working from their bedroom or attending Zoom conferences. Hence, it is important for bedroom lighting to play the part.

  1. Home Office Lighting

With remote work becoming the norm, people will be investing in home office lighting. They want to make sure that they work in a home office that has some personality. Since lighting plays a huge role in productivity, it is crucial to get home office lighting right. It will influence the outcome of your remote work. Traditional styles and workmanship will dominate the field. There is a need for the right lighting to keep working. It will ensure proper illumination.

The thing about home office lighting is that it needs to be bright. However, it should be cool at the same time. Otherwise, you will struggle to keep working. The switch to remote work has made many people realize just how amazing it can be to work from the comfort of their home. You will be inspired by the lighting if you get it right. Create the desired environment with this lighting trend. Bright and white is the best option as you will struggle to remain focused if the lighting is not good. People will be more likely to purchase shaded lamps and go for designs that create a cozy vibe.

  1. Wall Art Lighting

Attending Zoom calls can get boring easily. However, with wall art lighting, you get to take your friends and lover on a tour of your home. Wall art lighting also allows you to take amazing pictures right at home. Hence, the trend will be a huge success this year.

People are investing in wall art. This is why it is natural for them to also invest in lighting. Wall art lighting is especially popular during the winter. People want to be surrounded by as much light as possible to remain in a good mood. Lighting is central to happiness. Therefore, with the right wall art lighting, you can create a relaxing zone.


Once you finish reading this post, you will know everything about the hottest lighting trends in 2021. From focal point lighting to wall art lighting, each lighting trend will allow you to spice things up at home. You will be glad to try out new things. A change in the lighting will bring a huge change in your life.