5 Digital Media Buying Trends

New technologies influence a lot on development of online media business. For last several years experts are talking about growth of mobile traffic and video-ads success and forecast soon disappearing of banner ads. A lot guesses and “signs” from here and there can be found by marketers from all over the world, while we have gathered the most prominent tendencies digital media buying. Carefully read till the end to be in on! Smart media digital is the best choice for your online products.

1. Nothing will replace human treatment. Automaton of all processes is not going to stop anyway, but machines are not smart enough yet to take into account several factors and selectivity of best inventory is still best of all can be offered by people.

2. Video advertising is supposed to eat the whole turkey. Advertisers continue working on various video ads to attract the clients. At the same time, they expect some interaction from Publishers and offers about less intrusive native ads and reaching more attention and engagement from users’ side.

3. Vast majority of efforts will be put for mobile traffic. Certainly, the tendency to work with mobile devices users wasn’t born yesterday, but it seems that marketers has just recently understood which power is hidden there. So many variants are offered here: video, development of voice search and many more ideas are expecting to be implemented.

4. There will be more cheaters, but the number of tools to detect them will grow, too. It may sound surprising to Internet users, but Advertisers and Publishers care about them as much as possible, and getting into wrong or even dangerous websites will be one of the goals.

5. Open auctions are becoming more and more important. The Advertisers have collected enough their own data for analytics, but their main problem is to have an access quality primary traffic in huge amounts. The ball is in Publishers’ court to offer the way of buying different audience without too many difficulties.

It can’t be said that everything is still and calm in the area, everything is changing so rapidly, but what is true that it is really a great pleasure for marketers to work in so challenging and promising times.