Having more control over your brain helps you become a better version of yourself. The current life demands us all to multi-task. When we are multi-tasking it’s important to give our 100% to whatever we do. In our life we hardly use 50% of our brain, to utilize most of our brain we need to make sure our cognitive abilities are fully used. Our mind might need an assistant to function, but once you train your brain, you will be miles ahead of your game.

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure healthy functioning of your mind. Neurosurgeons have compiled a variety of things you can do to get the best cognitive experience. Some things work for some and some work for others, you need to understand how your brain functions and then see what activities seem to enhance its function and what doesn’t. You must also know that as with any exercise, you brain needs time to be strong. The activities you do or the medicines you take will take a while to get your brain to perform optimally. Following are some steps that will help you live a better life, mentally:



Nootropics are drugs, supplements or substances that enhance the function of a human brain. Nootropics help the brain perform optimally under conditions of stress and/or anxiety. Nootropics also enhance memory and help you retain information for a longer period of time. Taking nootropics will also enhance your motor responses, making you active and more receptive.

The Best nootropics that are in the market are the ones that give you a combination of all these benefits. These nootropics have the least amount of side effects and are made from herbs and organic things. The best nootropics are the ones that give you a combined mix of all the benefits and do not cause a huge dip into your pocket. A lot of nootropics are FDA approved and are safe for school and work. The nootropics you get from pharmacies are super safe but you must be vary of the nootropics being handed underground.



Exercise is an answer to everything you might have a problem with. Exercise increases blood flow to all the organs of your body hence stimulating them to perform better. A lot of people can’t find the time for exercise who have fast paced lives. In today’s world you can’t be successful if you can’t find out time to exercise, sadly exercise is something you can’t multi-task. You need to give your mind some peace for it to perform its best.

Exercising does not always help revitalize the mind, but it also helps you to remember things better. Working out also helps renew your brain cells hence preventing degeneration. So, while you work out, know that you are not only loosing some calories but you’re also refreshing your mind to help it perform better. Getting optimum exercise will also keep diseases at bay, giving you mind a rest for not performing under stress.


Take tea/coffee

There are some foods that have a considerable amount of caffeine in them that can help you in performing better, cognitively. Caffeine helps you stay focused, increasing your concentration span. This is the reason why people start their day with coffee/tea. It gives them the burst of energy to get them out of the sleepy zone. Although the effects of coffee and tea are not permanent, and they fade away after a while. This is the reason why a lot of people make it a crutch to stay active all through out a day. Caffeine addicts are real. For someone who does not have time for exercise and does not want strong effects like that of nootropics can always opt for caffeine and get the buzz they need.


Soak up some Vitamin D

High Vitamin D levels help you perform better. Depending on the place where you live, you need to make sure that you get enough sunlight to get your Vitamin D levels soaring because when its high, your brain tends to process information faster. You can take Vitamin D supplements if your levels are low but the natural way of getting vitamin D beats artificial ways.

You need to get just the right amount of sunlight, getting more than needed might cause harmful reactions in your body but you must replenish the optimum levels.



Meditating is essentially the art of practicing concentration. Meditation will relax your stress muscles and help you perform better. Meditating is also great for you when you want to focus your energies on to one thing. Meditation is a rage with entrepreneurs these days only because it helps them focus their energies into one thing.

If you want to give attention to one thing, make sure you have a meditation routine, not only will it help you concentrate but it will also channel your thoughts helping boost creativity. Meditation can also get rid of age-related memory disorders and assist you in having a strong memory for longer.


Along with all of this you must take a good diet, make sure all your necessary minerals are replenished in your body. Having a well-fed mind will be able concentrate better than a mind that is hungry. Make sure your diet has a combination of dairy products, veggies, carbs, proteins and vitamins. Certain practices work better for some individuals more than others. Some people strengthen their brains by playing games like sudoku, chess, crossword and more. The more you play these games, the more your mind is practiced into performing better.

In addition to all of this you also need to have a strong network of likeminded people who will help you grow and shower you with love. Having strong, amicable connections will also help you learn from them. Having a bunch of people that love you will give you confidence boost in your life. This confidence will trick your mind into being happy and a happy mind performs the best.