5 Effective Tricks to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Each year in the United States, there are about 20 million new cases.

STDs aren’t pleasant to deal with them, and some of them can even be life-threatening.

To avoid having complications from an STD, you should go for periodic medical checkups to detect any infections early enough. However, here are three effective ways to protect yourself from STDs.

  1. Get Tested Often

Even if you’re not at high risk for an STD, you should make sure that you and your partner get tested before you start a new sexual relationship. If you’re both at high risk, you should be tested throughout your relationship as well.

If you’re currently being treated for an STD, you should make sure that you finish the treatment before you start engaging in sexual activities. If you don’t complete the treatment, you could end up passing it back and forth with your partner.

If you think you have an infection, you should check with your doctor to make sure it isn’t something else, like a yeast infection. If you think you do have a yeast infection, check for these signs.

  1. Have Sex With One Person

One way to limit your exposure to STDs is to make sure that you are only having sex with one person at a time.

One of the benefits of a monogamous, long-term relationship is that the risks of you getting an STD is very low. However, this also relies on you having trust and communication with your partner.

You should both make sure that you know what is expected of the other person in the relationship.

  1. Be Open With Your Partner

Regardless of what kind of relationship you’re in, you should make sure that you’re open and honest with your partner. You should also expect the same from them.

Having honest communication is crucial to prevent STDs. Sex can be uncomfortable to talk about, but you need to talk about that, safe sex, and testing for STDs.

  1. Use Condoms

Using condoms is also important if you’re not in a serious, monogamous relationship.

Condoms create a barrier between you and another person, so you should make sure that you use them and use them correctly. Make sure to follow the instructions on the box to make sure they are as effective as possible.

Some things you should do include making sure they’re not expired, make sure there is an air bubble to show it’s not punctured, put the condom on correctly, leave room at the tip, and use a lubricant that is condom safe.

Once you’ve used a condom, make sure that you don’t reuse it. If it comes off, don’t try and put it back on.

  1. Use Alcohol and Drugs Responsibly 

You should also make sure that you use alcohol and drugs responsibly.

When you use these substances, it can impair your judgment, and you may end up having sex with someone who has an STD. You can use the substances, just be more cautious when you do.

Learn More Ways to Protect Yourself from STDs

These are only a few ways to protect yourself from STDs, but there are many more. If you think you do have an STD, make sure you talk to your doctor right away to get treated.

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