Watching movies and TV shows is one of the best ways to spend your free time. You can catch up on your favorite films and series in between work or play either alone or with family and friends. There are genres of movie and tv seasons to suit everyones individual tastes. But enough about the obvious aspects of video entertainment and onto how to actually watch them.

There are plenty of websites that offer movies and videos, but you may be wondering where to watch them for free. A great option is to use Netflix which is known for its high quality video streaming. Netflix is a video entertainment site where you can watch videos online. It provides you with high quality video and audio that will leave you wanting more. You can choose from a huge variety of movies and shows that you can watch instantly. The main difference between Netflix and other websites is that they are completely legal and one of the biggest names in the entire world. They started as a DVD sales service and soon grew into a multi billion dollar company in only a few small years. Once residential internet was fast enough it gave rise to the possibility of online streaming services enabling high quality, quick buffering video streaming solutions to the masses over the globe.

A benefit to using Netflix is that it will save you money by offering you movies and shows at a discount, compared to if you wanted to buy them individually. Another great benefit is that there are no contracts for membership and you can cancel at anytime you like. They even offer a 30 day trial where you can get all the benefits for no upfront cost, if you don’t like them you can just cancel and you’ve lost no money and simply gained the pleasure of a months worth of watching movies and tv shows in your leisure time. There is no downside to subscribing to Netflix. However what if money is an issue and you’ve already used up your sacred free trial for the godly Netflix… or maybe you just don’t like what they have to offer on the site. Well there are other options, as we will now find out.

So you’re left with parading through the depths of the internet trying to find a working copy of a movie or tv show. You’re being bombarded by ads at every click of the mouse. Hey, its working… on no wait, it’s not.

Oh another popup, is it a virus? Probably. It works, finally…. but its awful quality. All the while you’re wondering if you’ll get a knock at the door from the FBI! Torrents are the most popular way of downloading copyright content as it is a way that is decentralised meaning theres is no specific website to get shutdown. Many people who download movies via torrents are not aware of the legal implications involved in their actions. It is not often that the legal repercussions of a particular illegal activity gets discussed. People tend to think that downloading is illegal simply because it involves illegally downloading copyrighted movies and television shows. However, movies can also be legally downloaded via torrents, and many people don’t realise this. The protocol – oh a clever word, don’t worry it just means a way of moving data online – is not illegal, just the specific content is the issue. With that being said, the legal implications of torrents are a little different from pirating. There are many people who believe that torrents are the same as copyright infringement and stealing movies. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily the case. Movies can be downloaded via torrents and this is considered to be just as legal as other legal downloads. People who want to download legal movies need to follow the legal limitations set by the entertainment industry in many countries. It would be the same as downloading books through an illegal site or using illegal download sites to obtain pirated CDs.

In order to download legally, people must first find a torrent’s site to download from. However the movies and tv shows available to watch legally on torrents are slim pickings. Plus with torrents anybody who is not a little techy savvy is often overwhelmed by the technical nature and cannot understand the downloading, uploading, megabytes, gigabytes conundrum and gives up before they have reaped the fruits of their hard earned labor. So, why are there so many people who are unaware of the legal implications of downloading movies? The problem comes in with regards to people downloading movies illegally. People who download movies illegally do not have the time or skills to find and download the legal movie files. Because of the availability of torrents and pirate sites, many people are now choosing illegal downloads over legal downloads. Because of the popularity of torrents, many new sites have opened up that allow illegal downloads of movies. These sites operate much like torrents, but their websites are often well hidden and people do not understand why these sites are illegal. Many people view pirated movies as simply a matter of stealing the movie files. However, if people take the time to understand the legal implications of downloading movies via torrents, they will realise that piracy is not always the same as illegal downloading. Instead, people should think about the fact that if a person cannot find the movie they want to download, they may be able to legally watch that movie elsewhere on the Internet.

So often people are left biting their nails, gasping for air that will save them from this astonishingly frustrating aspect of watching that last episode of a drama you can’t sleep without seeing. You’ve filled in surveys, you’ve added three new viruses to your computer and the fans running louder than it did an hour ago. You’ve already used all your families cards on free trials and they’re not friends with you anymore. But worry no more. There are some great streaming sites that offer the ability to watch absolutely millions. Yes. I said millions. Let that sink in. Watch millions of titles, both movies and tv shows online, from the comfort of your laptop, computer, mobile phone, even your playstation 4! Finding a site such as this is not easy, but once you do you’ll a) be relieved and b) be everybodys best friend who you recommend it to! One such site to watch movies and tv shows including all episodes of all series online is called StreamFlixPro. Once you sign up you will see for yourself that watching the movies and tv shows they have on offer will be breathtaking. I hope it gives you as much happiness as it gives me!