Whether you need a plumbing company for your home or commercial property, the plumber you ultimately choose must offer certain essential services. Below, we look at some of the important plumbing services these companies provide, so you can make the right decision on which contractor to work with for your property.


New Installations

Obviously, when you build a new home or commercial building, you need plumbing equipment installed. The same is true if you are renovating or expanding a property to include more facilities. Some of the equipment you will need is a water supply, heating, gas lines, and other common plumbing elements.

These types of installations are critical to the property and must follow strict legal requirements. The equipment must work properly and remain within safe parameters. When building a property, replacing plumbing or adding to your facilities, get a qualified plumbing company, like Calgary Plumbers & Drains, involved as early in the process as possible. Not only can they provide these services, but they can help you do so as cost-effectively as possible.


Plumbing Repairs

As mentioned above, a good contractor is essential in making plumbing repairs. You never can predict when you will have a plumbing emergency. This is why you need a good contractor relationship already established before those events occur. When breakdowns of gas, water or sewer lines occur, the results can be catastrophic. So you must be able to get some trusted help into your location quickly. A good contractor will repair the problems, install new equipment as needed and get things back to top working order.

Not all repairs are emergencies. Sometimes you need a good plumber to fix reduced water pressure or a dripping pipe. Or maybe one of your gas burners is not working as it should. These problems all require outside help but can be scheduled with less urgency than some bigger problems. Still, repairs must meet regional legal requirements and ensure continued safety.

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Installing Sewers and Drains

Whether you are building a home, adding onto your property or constructing a commercial building, you need adequate sewers and drains. Drains route wastewater to the municipal sewer system. These pipes and drains require thoughtful planning. They must be installed to efficiently drain water out of a specific area without reducing pressure. Drain pipes also require proper ventilation to prevent backflow and related issues like clogged drains and overflowing wastewater.

Some commercial properties like restaurants require sewer cleaning frequently. Your plumber must be able to perform this work properly according to a service plan. This type of plumbing service must be proactive through regular service to prevent issues, instead of only scheduling when problems occur.


Routine Maintenance and Inspection

A quality plumbing service offers routine maintenance and inspection services for your home or commercial property. These inspections include a range of checks, such as:

  • Leak checks
  • Shut-off valve testing for all fixtures
  • Visible joint and pipe inspection
  • Corrosion checks
  • Drain cleaning and diagnosis of strange drain sounds in showers, tubs and other drains
  • Caulking inspections around the toilet, tub, sink and shower
  • Toilet inspection
  • Showerhead and faucet aerator checks
  • Laundry room water supply inspection
  • Replacement of worn-out parts
  • Water pressure checks
  • Water heater inspection and replacement of the anode rod as needed
  • Water heater temperature check


Gas Line Installation

One of the most important plumbing services that many people do not realize these contractors perform is gas line installation. Your kitchen appliances, laundry facilities or hot water heater are possibly gas-operated. Or maybe you have a gas fireplace, furnace or room heaters. For these to work, they must be connected to the gas main from your municipality. Over time, you also possibly need gas line replacement for improved services, such as in older homes or commercial buildings. A plumbing company provides all of these gas line services. They also inspect your hot water heater for city approval.