Many small businesses cut costs by trying to operate with greater efficiency. For many, this “lean and mean” approach means putting off systems or enhancements bigger businesses typically employ. But businesses of all sizes and types need a quality security system.

The benefits of a business security system far outweigh its cost or maintenance. Below, we look at some of these benefits. You may feel surprised that a few of them have nothing to do with crime protection, at all, but make a huge impact on your bottom line.


Improves Business Efficiency

It can be difficult to monitor business activity, even when you only have a few people working for you. In the moments you are away or distracted, you might be surprised by what can happen in your office or other facilities. Being able to step back from your daily routine and examine things with a bird’s eye view is powerful. Through your business security system, you can review employees’ movements and find what activities hold the business back. This can lead to better policies and more efficient processes.


Increases Employee Productivity

Having cameras installed makes your workers aware that you can see what they are up to, whether at will or after a problem occurs. This changes employee behaviour. It keeps otherwise good employees from slacking off, taking shortcuts in their work or breaking the rules. Simply knowing that video playback is possible when behaviours come into question can make more honest and productive people out of almost anyone.

Prevents Employee Theft and Outside Crime

Crime prevention is one of the first reasons that come to mind when considering a business security system. Many businesses do not think they have a problem with crime, thus avoiding getting the system they need. It is generally after a major incident that many consider installation.

However, your workplace is home to smaller offences that typically take place among your employees. These little crimes can cost your company a lot of money when the people you rely on most “game” your systems. When it comes to security systems in Orlando, ACS Fire & Security are the experts who can serve your business

As far as outside crime goes, your business has many vulnerabilities that criminals can exploit. But upon seeing cameras, most decide the outcome is not worth the effort. It is too easy for them to be caught halfway through their devious acts. The resulting footage also works well for apprehension by police and conviction in court. The better your security system, the less likely your company is to face hassles and costs of crime in the first place.


Reduces Fire Damage

When installed in conjunction with your fire alarm system, business security can keep fire damage to a minimum. Fires can start in almost any nook or cranny of your workplace or commercial site. They occur because of bad wiring and human error, among other causes. Having a bird’s eye view of your property provides an extra layer of protection. It also enables you to capture evidence for your commercial insurance coverage, should damage occur.


Provides Remote Monitoring

Just as proven by the 2020 pandemic, it is critical to maintain oversight of your commercial property even when you are not there. You also do not want to have to go to the office before discovering property damage. Having a business system installed can help you stay on top of what is happening at the property 24/7 and 365 days per year. You can manage window intrusion alarm systems, loading doors, main points of entry, and emergency exits from off-site.


Enhances Peace of Mind

As a business owner or manager, you have enough to worry about in your company’s daily operation. There is so much more that can happen when your eyes are not on everything. Although a security system cannot keep all crimes from happening, this type of protection can help you maintain a safe workplace, protect your structures and equipment, gain evidence for insurance filings, and improve your company’s efficiency altogether. With such a system, you gain greater control and access to your business from within the property or halfway around the world.