Cleanliness is very important especially when it comes to our homes. A clean environment does not only make our houses clean but also gives us peace of mind. A disorganize and untidy environment on the other hand can be very unattractive. For this reason we have to keep our homes tidy and clutter free. Wondering how? Well, the following are some of the tips to keep you and your home clutter free:


Clear the easy tasks first


This simply means finishing the duties that take less time first. If you leave the small duties unfinished clutter will actually accumulate. These tasks includes emptying the dustbin, folding clothes, putting the remote control in the right place, cleaning the house and all those easy to do jobs. This will actually play a great role in ensuring that your house is tidy.


Keeping away unnecessary or unused things


Too many things that we have no enough space to keep can lead to disorganized environment. For example too much unused clothes, shoes, cans or magazines among others. When there is no enough space to put these things, clutter can accumulate.

The best thing is to keep them away or donate some to the needy. Fewer items are easy to arrange and will always make your house clean. If you would like to take some professional tips about keeping house clean all the time, visit simply maid Adelaide official and I believe, they can fulfil what you want.


Spreading your bed after getting up


The bedroom is a very special place for everyone. We should ensure that it is tidy and less messy every time. This will only be possible if you make your bed immediately after waking up. Don’t postpone duties, do them at the right time. This will ensure that everything in your bedroom is in the right condition. If you leave your bedroom without making your bed it becomes untidy of course. Most importantly remember to clean the bedroom properly.


Set a place for everything


You should be organized. Being organized means having a place for everything. You should not mix things. Instead everything should have a specific place where it is supposed to be. For example a place to keep books, a place to keep shoes or even toys and all the children playing staff. This will make your work easy and ensure that your room remains clutter free. Your mind will also be clutter free since you will not be stressed to look for something that you really need.


Returning things to the right place after use


Think how messy it can be when using something and then leaving it anywhere? For instance, books in the living room, cups and plates on the table, clothes on the seat or even tooth brush on the floor? It is so unthinkable.

So, the ideas here is returning things where they are supposed to be after use. For example return the plates to the kitchen after use. You can also train your kids to return their play items where they are supposed to be. Be a role model to them by being responsible. They will follow your example. Your home and mind will therefore be clutter free.


Before sleeping spend some time putting things in the right order


You can take less than 20 minutes to do this. As much as we have said that you should return your things in the right place after use, sometimes we can forget or mix up things. During this time, check things that are not in the right place and return them to the right place. This will make your work easier for the next day especially when you are going for the job. This makes you peaceful. If you have a silent cleaning robot, you can also turn on your automatic floor cleaner at night

As we have seen, a clean environment ensures that our mental state is clean too. Life is just a matter of planning and organizing yourself. Carrying your duties well and in the right time therefore ensures that you remain clutter free.