In a computer, there are just those programs that are needed for convenience and smooth running of the device. Below I have listed some of the vital programs in a pc and their usefulness. Hope you will like them.


Here Is The List of 5 Important Programs:

Let’s take a look at them step by step.

1. Antivirus

This is a program that every pc should have. It works to detect and immediately get rid of viruses and other threats to your computer. A computer virus can easily corrupt your documents and data if your device does not have an antivirus program. This means that you may wake up one day and find that you have lost all your vital files or documents due to an attack by a virus. An antivirus program can also help to enhance the speed and performance of your device. This is because it will delete any files and folders that are no longer needed in your device and may be making its performance slow.


2. Junk cleaner

You may be wondering why the performance of your computer is just so slow. Well, it may be because the device is loaded with junk files. This is where the use of a junk cleaner comes in. it will make getting rid of all those temporary and unwanted junk files on your PC easy. Getting rid of all those junk files from the system will definitely speed up the performance of the device and in turn save you a lot of time. Furthermore, a junk cleaner goes as far as identifying and letting you disable those unsolicited apps and programs running in the background.


3. Microsoft office

Microsoft office is everything in a PC. Most of us can attest to using a Microsoft office program in our day to day activities like at work, school or anywhere else. The main Microsoft office programs include Microsoft word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft excel. Microsoft word can be used for tasks such as editing text, typing and even when you want to print your text document. Microsoft excel on the other hand is a spreadsheet program. It can be your greatest companion when it comes to creating tables, graphs and doing arithmetic calculations. Microsoft PowerPoint is most especially used at work meeting to make presentations and pass your message along with ease.

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4. Browser

A browser is used to access websites from the internet. There are several browsers including Mozilla, Google chrome and internet explorer all which have the same functionality. You cannot be able to smoothly surf the internet without having a browser on your pc. Another way a browser can be of use to you is in streaming live videos from the web, watching movies or even listening to some music.


5. Downloader

A downloader will make it easy for you to download and access files on your Pc. It may be difficult to download a video from YouTube but if you have a downloader on your PC, the process will be so much earlier. The same goes for music or anything else you may want to download. Additionally, with the help of a downloader program the speed at which you can download a file is so much faster.



I hope you have liked these 5 programms. If you agree with me then I hope you’ll download them on your PC and I’m sure they’ll help you a lot.