Equipment rental is always in demand in industrial worksites. From mining facilities to large-scale construction, plant hire is the convenient solution to getting access to a fleet of heavy machinery at a lower cost. Almost every kind of heavy machinery is available for rent these days, but some types are more in demand than others. In most worksites, the following types of equipment are the most commonly rented.



Excavators are versatile machines used in almost every industrial worksite. These machines are designed for moving a large amount of earth. There are excavators with wheels while there are models that come with tracks. Each type of excavator has distinct advantages. An excavator with tracks has a larger footprint andis, therefore, more stable. For soft terrains like in quarries, tracked excavators are more suitable. On the other hand, wheeled excavators are best for harder ground such as paved roads and urban worksites. The uses of excavators include:

  • Handling materials
  • Trenching and digging holes
  • Grading
  • Demolition
  • Grinding
  • Mining
  • Moving heavy objects


Wheeled loaders

A wheeled loader is another versatile piece of equipment that is not only used for carrying and moving materials but also has an attachment for excavation. Renters have the option to fit the handle with different kinds of accessories for various functions such as brooms, snow blades, pallet forks, and grapples. Because of these attachments, wheeled loaders are highly useful and versatile for almost any project.


Crawler dozer

A crawler dozer is a powerful machine suited for jobs that require high traction. These machines work with different types of front-mounted blades for moving materials. A U-blade attachment retains a large volume of materials, which allows for moving massive quantities within a short amount of time. A straight blade, on the other hand, is useful for digging ditches and pushing earth and other materials. Compared with a regular wheeled dozer, a crawler dozer has better ground traction and power.


Articulated hauler

An articulated hauler can handle steep terrain, slippery ground, and inclines. These machines, despite their power, are still lightweight. These machines are also capable of making sharper turns than other types of trucks. Aside from moving and carrying materials, haulers also have a variety of different uses including:

  • Mixing concrete
  • Crane mounting
  • A platform for wood chippers
  • Transporting timber
  • Water tanker


Compact track loaders

Last on the list of popular rental equipment is compact track loaders. This is another type of versatile machine used for a variety of tasks. A compact truck loader is also suitable for use in finishing landscapes without being concerned about the equipment damaging any of the surfaces. This machine can also handle sloping, slippery, and inclined terrain.



Plant hire Preston companies usually have the equipment mentioned above as part of their extensive inventory of equipment for hire. If you are looking for any of the machines mentioned, always check the make and model, as well as the rental terms. When renting equipment for an industrial worksite, check the reputation of the rental company and ask for recommendations before making a choice.