There are so many reasons as to why you may want to be in a relationship. Most of these reasons are unhealthy and they will only end up leading to relationship problems or even worse divorce. When this happens, the children will always be the biggest losers as they can no longer get parental care since both parents are living separately. To make sure that you avoid putting yourself into this situation, here are some of the healthy reasons as to why you should want to get into a relationship.


  • Support One Another

Most people want a reliable person who will always be there regardless of whether you are having bad times or not. The urge to get someone who is ready to do all these things may make you decide to find a bride. While it still important to learn to take the responsibility of loving for our feelings, we do not necessarily have to deal with it alone. For an individual to be a social being, you will need other people who love and care about what you do and feel.


  • Share Love and Care

The desire to share love and wanting to get love are two different things despite all leading to a relationship.  However, it depends with what you have in mind since you can look for a relationship with the unhealthy reason of not learning to love and value yourself. When this is the case, you will only get into a relationship which will be full of issues. One of the greatest happiness in life is the sharing of love between two people who are into one another as they are able to experience the deep joy and intimacy it brings.


  • Learn and Grow

Relationships tend to offer a good arena to handle old insecurities and fears that you had experienced during your childhood. When two people get into a relationship with the aim of learning and growing, they can assist one another in healing the feelings of abandonment and rejection. However, you will have to be open with one another while at the same time taking responsibility for your own healing and feelings.


  • Share Fun and Companionship

Being in a lonely situation can at times lead to very hard feelings. While you may live in family systems where you can get the support and care that you need, you will never match the fun and companionship that you get from your partner. Doing things with your partner tends to be more fun than doing them on your own.


  • Have Children and Create a Loving Family

There is no better way than raising your children together as a partner. While parenting can at times be deep satisfying, it may also be challenging and hence sharing the challenges and happiness with your partner can be a wonderful thing to do.

With the right partner, you will get the most out of your relationship simply because you love and understand one another.