You, being a parent, Go head over heels to protect your kids from every negative vibes that come to their ways. It is one of the biggest dispute that a mother or father of a teen fights daily. On everyday basis, You encounter with numerous good and bad experience by smelling something new and disastrous about them.


Teens of today live in their own unidentified world. For their protection and security, you got to know what your kids do, day and night long with their respective cell phones, what and with whom they talk over phone in odd hours, what kind of videos they watch online or what sort of websites they usually browse, how do they treat their friends – Is the treatment rude, do they bully around? Do they rub off the messages and mails before you could actually check them out?


The above mentioned are some of the questions which might disturb you a lot but are very essential for you to know! Nothing can be more great, If you have the power of influencing your kids. Rather than having strict control over them, Your impact makes your effort of discovering about them way far easier. But if the latter trick fails, You are left with just one option and that’s hacking their handsets.


Let’s Check 5 Quick Hacks To Protect Your Kids Online Actions:

  1. Limit The Works And Installation Of Application: Putting on the Restriction setting will leave you tension-free. Yes, The restriction setting can eliminate the fear of your child doing something wrong on his/her phone. This kind of framework can be found both in Android and iPhone. Just check on this setting you can obstruct the practise of many useless and time-killing applications and features of your child’s device.
  2. Safe YouTube Play: Let your kids watch an obscene-free videos on YouTube. You cannot enforce everything on them, So roll-on your sleeves and take your own moves. Due to lack of awareness many people are unenlightened about the fact that the YouTube app has a safety feature too. This setting lets you put a clog on the improper or sexually explicit subjected stuff and thereby it will not allow the users to search such queries (also the similar videos, movies, shows, etc.).
  3. Put Tick On SafeSearch: This feature of Google can be considered as purifying aspect where you can restrict the search of all the objectionable content on the Google. Ticking on Google SafeSearch option you can close door for all the regrettable, noxious, sexual, indecent, and nasty substances. In common words, This will block all such links, images and videos that you think can spoil the innocent minds of your children.
  4. Read On: To discern about the applications and latest technology, You got to read as many write-up as you can. The app flags, genuine user reviews, the restriction on certain age, and the related articles can make you catch the sight of what sort of apps your kids are using, is it good or ruining their mindset? You can read the analysis online on iTunes and Google Play store. By this you will be able to recognize if the particular app suits your child’s age and if s/he is mature enough to see or use it. This also allows you to know few parental guidance tips like how to clutch the downloading of inappropriate apps, etc..
  5. Plant A Monitoring Software: This is one of the ultimate solutions you can have. Equipping your child’s phone with a spy software like mSpy will let you know each and every step that your loving kid takes. You just require to manually plant the monitoring software on their respective phones one by one. Buy online, download and then plant it on the target’s phone accordingly. This will enable you to watchdog their little moves, by not following them wherever they go. Their textual conversation with their peers over IM chats, their call logs, their whereabouts, the browsed websites URL and many more can be tracked. One of its special feature is, It does not let your target know that they are being monitored. You can spy on your kids without speaking up a word out.


Still Surprised? Do not be contemplated! All the above mentioned tricks are duly checked and are workable. Move on, Adopt one of these. Do inbox us if you feel to share your know-hows on the given matter.