You have at all time to maintain a good climate in your house. Controlling the humidity on your house, will protect your family against any infections and at the same time protect your home’s structure from the effects of dry air. If your house has the right conditions, you will have a comfortable place to reside. One of the best devices to have in your house in this regard is a humidifier.

The fact is that buying a Humidifier can be a daunting task. What this means is that you have to take some time to research and shop around to ensure that you get the best humidifier in the market. Here are 5 things that you have to consider when you are buying a Humidifier.

Your reasons for a Humidifier

The first question that you have to ask yourself is why you need this device. It is obvious that you are getting a Humidifier to increase the humid level in dry indoor areas. In most of the cases, humidifiers are used on winter when most of the people are getting heaters which can expel all the air in the house.

Dry air can cause several complications including Allergy symptoms, itchy skin, irritated throats, cracked lips and many more. Now that you have made up your mind that you really need a humidifier, you have to get to the next factor.

Do you need a Humidifier for a short time or you need it for regular use? If you need a device that will offer the services on a regular basis for the entire year, then you have to look for a device that works well and requires minimal maintenance.

How much space you need to humidify

This is the next factor that you have to take into consideration. The space you need to humidify will determine the type of device you will eventually settle for. The first thing is to establish whether you need to humidify a single or whole house. If you are looking to add humidity to a small space, then you can settle for small or medium seized humidifiers such as tabletop humidifier also known as room humidifiers. On the other hand, if you wanted to add moisture to multiple rooms or even the entire house, then you can get console humidifiers and whole house humidifiers.

The space that you are looking to humidify can differ depending on the situation at hand. If you are using heaters in your house during the winter, then you have to just humidify the space that is affected by the warm air. If you are just looking for a device to humidify the entire house because its summer and there’s less humidity available, then you have to go for a stronger and a bigger device.

Type of Humidifiers

Today there are several types of humidifiers available in the market and for this reason, you have to first of all make up your mind on the type you want. Different types have different benefits and drawbacks. What this means is that you have to weigh the benefits and the drawbacks of each type and eventually make up your mind. The most common types are:

  • Cool Mist Humidifier
  • Warm mist Humidifier
  • Ultrasound Humidifier and many more.

So what’s better, cool mist or warm mist humidifier? These two humidifiers are just a little different from each other. However, there are some little properties that make the difference in this case. This means that you have to make your decisions depending on the below factors.

If you are one of the people that are very prone to flu, then warm mist humidifiers are for you. The other good thing about them is that they offer germicidal protection because the water is boiled before it is released to the air.

Cool mist humidifiers on the other side are preferred by people who are very sensitive to the time consumed in maintenance and cleaning. They are easy to maintain and clean. They also generate higher outputs of moisture because they make use of the ultrasonic technology.

Noise produced

 Some of the humidifiers produce a loud noise when they are working. Though, there are some of the people that don’t worry about the noise. This means that if noise is a concern to you, then you have to look for the one that produces minimum noise. For areas like bedrooms and Offices, some of the people don’t tolerate noise. In this case, ultrasonic humidifiers are the best. They are made to produce little sound but still be operational.

Germicidal measures

As a matter of fact when Humidifiers are not maintained the right way, they can actually cause more trouble than good. In most of the cases, they can lead to the generation of more dangerous bacteria and for this reason; you have to ensure that you are giving your humidifier the right attention. The type of germicidal measures that you are going to need depends on the type of humidifier you get. The below are some of the germicidal measures that you are supposed to take.

  • Make use of carbon or ionic filters
  • Install and time the replacement of UV light bulbs. This aims at keeping your humidifier bacteria free.
  • Get ultrasonic vibration because they help in killing off the germs in water.
  • Warm mist humidifiers are good because they boil the water before releasing the mist into the air. This means that they are safer than any other type of humidifier.  

In order to make it easy for your machine to provide the much needed humidity and at the same time be safer for you, you need to maintain your humidifier. The fact is that humidifiers are generally low maintenance devices but you have to clean the water tank to ensure that mold, bacteria and mildew are not growing. You also have to look at the misting outlets to ensure that moisture can flow easily.