In today’s world of digital marketing and social media visibility, Custom Feather Flags offer a low-tech solution for making your business stand out. If you have a business that benefits from attracting walk-in prospects, Customized Feather Flags offer an inexpensive way to do this. Banner flags build Brand Awareness as well as increase the value of your onsite signage. Check out the pros and cons of using Custom Feather Flags below to see if they can help your business.

PRO – Customized Feather Flags are extremely effective at drawing the attention of passing traffic.

The main attention-grabbing feature of a Feather Flag is its tall height. Most Feather Banners stand 12ft or more mounted on their pole. Another feature that aids in drawing attention is the colorful and bright colors of banner flags. When you put these two attention-grabbing assets together, you have a powerful way to let people know about your business or event.

CON – Overuse of Custom Feather Flags can have a negative impact.

When something stands out as much as a Feather Flag does, it doesn’t take much to for it to become overwhelming. Using too many Feather Flags can diminish their value as well as create a visual nuisance for the community. When using Feather Flags moderation and respect for your neighboring businesses should be used.

PRO – Customized Feather Flags are easy to set up and require minimal space to be displayed.

A Feather Banner can be set up and taken down in minutes. They are easy to assemble as well as lightweight and compact to transport. They need a small area to be displayed, their tall and thin nature makes them perfect for areas with minimal roadside exposure. Special attention should be taken to make sure you are not near power lines or blocking the line of sight of your other onsite signage.    

CON – More and more local governments are restricting the use of Feather Flags.

Once again when something stands out as much as a Feather Flag and requires minimal space for display, overuse becomes a problem. An increasing number of local governments are placing restrictions on the use of banner flags. While outright bans are rare, you may be required to apply for a permit. You should check with local authorities before choosing any Banner Flag for advertising.

PRO – Feather Flags provide some of the best advertising value when it comes to outdoor advertising.

When you factor in the attention a custom flag can bring to your business, the way they increase the effectiveness of permanent onsite signage, and finally their cost, it isn’t hard to see that they provide a high rate of return on your advertising dollar.

CON – Because of the lightweight and inexpensive nature of Feather Flags, durability can be an issue.

While they are lightweight and inexpensive, Feather Flags can be vulnerable when it comes to the elements. High winds and long term exposure to the sun are the prime candidates when it comes to diminishing Feather Flag durability. This is easy to overcome with taking the flags down when expecting inclement weather.  Given the inexpensive replacement cost of the flag, if you get 6 months use they can easily pay for themselves.

PRO – Custom Feather Flags help build your Brand.

When you customize these flags with your brand’s color(s) and logo they serve as an excellent way to build your brand. As people pass on a daily basis they will become familiar with your product or service. Building your brand in this way can make prospects think of your brand in a situation that applies to your product or service. For example use a bright red banner flag with “Joe’s Plumbing” printed on it, displayed on a busy roadway as an example. Some people driving by this on a daily basis would have it ingrained into their sub-conscience. In a situation where they or an acquaintance needed a plumber, “Joe’s Plumbing” would come to mind. While this is not a guarantee they would call “Joe’s Plumbing”, but being an option that comes to mind, is them being aware of your brand. This is one of the key advantages of Custom Feather Flags vs Pre-Printed Stock Feather Flags.

CON – For roadside use, messages need to be kept short due to limited design space..

While Custom Feather flags are great for advertising, they do have a limited design area when used for roadside advertising. The tall slender shape, coupled with the viewing distance can limit the information that you use. This can be overcome with focusing the design process on the most important information and branding. Omit unnecessary details, and try to keep the message at 1-3 words in bold type, and include logo if possible. Now, this is for feather flags that will be viewed from a distance, if the flags are going to be viewed close up the design rules change.

While Custom Feather Flags are not for every business, the pros for using Feather Flags easily outweigh any negatives that come with using banner flags. If your business relies on drawing in new customers to a retail location, Custom Feather Flags can be instrumental in accomplishing this at minimal cost to your budget.  The design flexibility and easy installation are big factors in the rise in popularity of this advertising tool.