If your residential or commercial roof sustains damage from a hail storm or other weather event, you will more than likely need to contact a full-service roofing contractor. Roof damage is not something you want to put off fixing, especially if a leak develops. Water can leak down into your home, causing more damage and potentially creating an environment for mold to form.

Total roof replacement may be something else you’re in need of, particularly if you want to ensure your insurance company will continue to provide coverage for anything that may happen at your Denver property or in other nearby areas such as Colorado Springs, Fort Collins or Greeley. Before ever hiring a roofing company, here are five things you need to consider.

1. Make sure the company is properly insured and licensed.

One of the most important things you should always do as a property owner is to make sure that any contractor who comes onto your property is properly licensed and insured. If you do not do this, it could lead to disaster for you. An uninsured contractor can file a lawsuit against you if they injure themselves in any way while they are on your property and you can be held liable.

Additionally, if your insurance company finds out that you hired an uninsured contractor, they could elect to drop your coverage. Do not let the lower price tag of an uninsured roofing company attract you.

2. Look for positive reviews on Google, Angie’s List, or the Better Business Bureau.

Search for “roofing contractors Denver” or “best roofing company,” and you will get tons of results on Google. Sometimes, those results can be overwhelming. To sort out the more reputable companies, you need to check for positive reviews on sites such as Angie’s List, Facebook, Yelp, or check their rating with the Better Business Bureau. Hiring a roofing company is a big step and you want to ensure that they have many satisfied customers throughout the Denver area. Many will also provide free roof inspections, so make sure to inquire about that as well.

3. Ask to see examples of their work.

After checking for reviews, ask to see examples of their work. You want to verify that they are well-experienced within the roofing industry, whether you are looking for residential roofing services or a commercial roofing contractor. A quality roof needs to look nice and be installed properly, so if they cannot provide you with examples of their past work or a portfolio, you may want to move on to a different company for your new roof.

4. Consult with them about types of roofs they can install.

While shingled roofs are the most common type of roof, there are others that you can choose to add to your residential or commercial property. Types of roofs you can pick from include:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Wood shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Ceramic tile roof
  • Slate roof
  • Flat roof

Each type has a different life expectancy and pros and cons to it. If budget is a concern, your Denver roofing contractor can guide you to a choice that reflects your budget but also complements the outside of your property well.

5. Talk with your insurance company about your claim.

If your roof was damaged because of a storm, then your insurance company will more than likely cover your insurance claim. Repairs due to an act of nature are usually covered unless your roof was already considered to be too old, and in that case, they may say that the damage was your fault because you neglected to replace your roof in a timely manner. If you have questions about what your company may cover, make sure to consult your policy or call a representative to speak with them about it.