Having scented candles in your home is a great way to add comfort, warmth, as well as uplifting the aura. Scented candles can hype the atmosphere of any party, from a cocktail party to a candle light dinner.

It is also a proven fact that scented candles lighten up your mood. If you are sad, the scent can make you feel happy and at peace. Now the time has gone where candles were only used in churches and festivals.

Scented candles have become a part of almost everyone’s life. They are now becoming a reason for comfort. Today, I will be sharing with you 10 reasons why everyone, should have scented candles in their homes.

Makes you relax after a tiring day

Imagine if you had a really hectic day at the office or you are stressed about something. In that case, you would want to go somewhere which is peaceful and makes your mind at ease. There is no other place like home which is going to make you stress free.

After a tiring day, you would just want to go to your home which is your happy place. Now think about it. Going home after a stressful day and it smells like heaven. That’s right. Scented candles make you relax after a stressful day. It will create a vibe which is going to make you feel peaceful.

Adds a class to your home interior

Home is something which is a reflection of you. You want it to be peaceful and look classy at the same time. Scented candles give a really nice look and it changes the perspective of the interior, you have at your home.

The flame and the scent of the candles would increase the aura of your home and create a peaceful vibe as well. Even if you don’t light it up, the look of it will be more than enough.

Eliminates the negative energy

Have you ever wondered why you feel so angry or disgusted whenever you smell something bad? That’s because bad odor brings negative energy with it.

A piece of advice, always keep your surroundings smell good. If you do that, it will uplift your mood and eliminate all the negative energy. To uplift your mood and make you happy, it is important that you choose the right odor.

For instance, jasmine candles really help you in uplifting your mood. You can have them in a corner of your house. Jasmine scent also represent purity and divine energy. Its good if you have them in your prayer room.


Imagine that you are sitting in your room, reading a book and having your favorite drink. What’s missing in all of this? Yes! You got it right. Scented candles.

Indulge in self-care at home with scented candles. While buying scented candles, always opt for those fragrances which will make you calm, such as lavender.

Romantic dates

Ever wondered why candle light dinner is the most epic and romantic date? That’s probably because the scent of candles changes the aura completely.

Say good bye to those lamps of yours and bring scented candles to change the atmosphere of your date completely!

Peaceful sleep

It’s better to burn scented candles than using your mobile phone before going to bed. Electronic devices that you use just before going to bed has a negative effect on your sleep and health as well.

While on the other hand, scented candles will help you clear your mind off things and sleep peacefully. It will calm your mind.

Use lavender candles if you want a quality and peaceful sleep.

Improves mood

Ever wonder when your mom cooks something for you, you instantly become happy? That’s because the smell of it brings back memories from your childhood.

That’s why, whenever you smell that fragrance, your mood uplifts. When it comes to scented candles, you can pick different fragrances such as peppermint, citrus or vanilla.

These fragrances will surely make you happy, uplift your mood and relive those memories back!

Keeps the pet-smell away

If you have pets in your home, there is always a certain smell. You are conditioned to that smell but your guests aren’t. If someone comes to your house, you might get a bit embarrassed.

But don’t worry! I have the perfect solution for you. Light some scented candles 20 minutes before and open all the windows.

This will help you get rid of that particular smell and have a nice and peaceful fragrance.

Keeps the cooking smell away

If you want to surprise someone by cooking their favorite food but end up failing because as soon as they enter your house, they smell it and they already know of what you have cooked?

Then don’t worry. From now on they won’t be able to. All you have to do is burn scented candles 20 minutes before and open all the windows.

Also, turn on the exhaust fans as well. This will help you clear the smell of food and fill it with some calm and peaceful fragrance.

If you want to trick them, use vanilla scented candles. It will make them believe as if you have baked a vanilla cake or something related to it.

Carry them anywhere

Sometimes, you feel a bit of home sickness when you are out there travelling. Well, these scented candles are easy to carry and are light weight.

You can carry them with you when you are travelling. The scent will make you overcome homesickness and feel at home wherever you are in the world!

Now, if you are motivated and want to buy the best scented candles, but are unaware of where you can get them and the probability of them being fake, then don’t worry.

You can check the reviews of several scented candles on the keen hunter amazon product reviews. This will help you understand the type of fragrance you want and will make sure about the quality of it.