Adulting—behaving in characteristically adult ways and accomplishing ordinary and significant responsibilities—can be challenging, sometimes, and exciting other times. Regardless of how easy or hard adulting may seem, there’s one aspect that everyone can agree is rewarding: the paycheck received from working a job.

Some people put their paychecks, especially their first one, away for safekeeping in their savings accounts. Others may use their checks to pay rent or bills. Whether it goes into savings or gets spent right away, hard-earned money is satisfying.

What you spend your paycheck on depends on the goals you set, expenses you may already have, and your lifestyle. When money comes into your bank account, it can open up several opportunities for spending. Listed below are five great buys you can get with your paycheck.

Go on a Shopping Spree

Freshen up your fashion and upgrade your wardrobe with new clothes. Whether one goes on a planned shopping trip, shops impulsively, or engages in some retail therapy, these sprees can result in new clothes that can make people feel good, more confident, and positively affect the way they carry themselves.

A new, stylish white jumpsuit in your wardrobe can make you feel and look like a boss in the workplace, on a college campus, and at any social event. Shopping with the right retailer—White House Black Market, for example—allows people to acquire fashionable jumpsuits, rompers, and dresses they can wear in a variety of settings or to celebrate numerous special occasions. The clothes offered by this clothing retailer are comfortable, reasonably priced, and suit a variety of personal styles and tastes. Consider using your paycheck to express yourself and stand out with new attire.

Reward Yourself with a Trip

Going on a trip is a great way to gain new life experiences and take a break from your responsibilities. Whether you travel a long distance or a short one, take a quick trip, or have an extended stay, getting away can be rewarding. Traveling somewhere you’ve never been or revisiting a familiar vacation spot can do you some good if you’re feeling bored or uninspired.

Enjoy Great Cuisine

Money used on food is always money well spent. Whether you decide to treat yourself to an expensive dinner at your favorite upscale dinner or purchase ingredients to prepare a meal using a new recipe, delicious food is worth it.

Pamper Yourself

You work hard for your pay and deserve some relaxation and rest. Consider buying materials for a do-it-yourself (DIY) spa treatment. Taking long showers or baths and using oils, bath bombs, and pleasant scents can give you a feel of luxury. Also, try making the trip to an actual spa or resort if you can. At the spa, you have many treatment options for self-indulgence: massages, facials, hair appointments, manicures, and pedicures.

Indulge in Recreational Activities

Your money is yours to spend on something fun. Whether you use your check on something expensive or something affordable, make sure you can enjoy it.

One suggestion for fun is to make a new purchase and try something for the first time. Consider buying CBD hemp cigarettes to try. CBD—cannabidiol—comes from the hemp flower, but doesn’t contain high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels like marijuana.

CBD edibles, topical creams, supplements, and tinctures continue to grow in popularity, especially as people become more interested in their proposed health benefits and support for chronic pain issues.

These are good products, as are CBD cigarettes, CBD joints, and CBD oil. CBD hemp cigarettes are great alternatives to marijuana for someone who wants to give cannabinoids a try without getting the feeling of being high.

If you’re going to buy CBD or hemp products, make sure you do so from a reputable source that provides products that adhere to FDA guidelines—such as Plain Jane. Hemp products from Plain Jane won’t get you high, as this company sells only less than 0.3 percent delta-9 THC hemp flower. This hemp and CBD marketplace supplies clean, safe, high-quality CBD, and hemp products.

Plain Jane, a top company in the CBD and hemp industry, is the originator of the low smell CBD cigarette. Using a water curing process, Plain Jane gets rid of traditional cannabis scents and produces hemp cigarettes that taste familiar while lacking the taste of nicotine or tobacco cigarettes. Buying Plain Jane hemp products allows you to have an enjoyable smoking experience and make the most of your money.