5 Places to Take Your RV This Summer

Summers are for road-tripping in an RV, waking up with the sunset, and cooking on a roadside with the sun setting in the distance. A motorhome is a perfect way to explore a country— but where exactly should you go? Here are five areas and why each one could make the perfect road trip once you’re behind the wheel of your very own RV.

Before you head out though, be sure you’ve done the research and are protected on your merry way. Getting information about rv warranties from Today’s Best Company is the best way to make sure your trip goes smoothly. From extended warranty to wholesale warranty, all the way down to which warranty company to go for, they have it all. You simply can’t go on a trip on your RV without researching a warranty first. Though a mechanical failure or breakdown isn’t always likely, you can never be too prepared for a potential major repair.

The beach

Summer is for sea and sand— who can argue with that? Coastal roads are often a dream to drive along as well, with exclusions of when they are packed with tourists. It’s a good idea along the coast to get up early and drive when the roads are quiet and then go full-time on the beach for the rest of the day. For more inspiration, check out these dreamy beach stories of people’s days at Site for Shore Eyes.

If you have a towable RV, then be warned of tight coastal roads; it might make sense to park elsewhere and enjoy a leisurely stroll down the sea itself. Coastal car lots can get crowded!

The mountains

If you’ve got an RV with the power to make it up steep mountain roads, this can be an absolutely perfect road trip. Use the RV to do the worst of the climbing and you’ve got the wonders of the view all to yourself. If you prefer a hike, then as an RV owner, you know you’ve got a comfortable home with mod-con comforts like a microwave, refrigerator, and more waiting for you instead of a scratchy tent. It’s the perfect combination.

The forest

Not only does it make for awesome photos, but a forest road trip offers you an amazing amount of calm. If you’ve just made an RV purchase or it’s your first big road trip, the forest offers you a great way to escape into nature and enjoy hiking on some trails without the high effort and intensity of the mountains. If you can find some lowland forest, you’ll be in for relaxing activities and plenty of wildlife to spot. Be sure to take excellent care when disposing of your food and rubbish, so as to avoid damaging the environment or attracting any pests for ultimate peace of mind.

The open road

For the free spirit in you, why not jump from town to town, city to city, sticking to the highways and cruising along with the perfect playlist? You’ve got a bedroom on wheels, why not make the rest of the world your living room? Keeping it open and flexible means you can take local recommendations, meet people along the way, and live your trip exactly how you want it.

The desert

If you’re really looking to escape urban life, there’s no better place to go than in the desert. Ensure you’re well prepared with food and water to withstand the heat and let other people know where to find you, then head out to nature’s harshest environment. The intense heat doesn’t mean it lacks in beauty and the sky will never seem bigger than during the night time under a never-ending blanket of stars. For different lengths of time, the desert can be a perfect escape and a peaceful respite for the stresses of daily life.