Breakups are one of the saddest and difficult things to deal with as there are not many chances most of the times to get your loved one back. Very few lucky ones get a second chance but you can only make it successful if you are prepared for it otherwise you would miss this incredible chance. And in most of the cases, boys are unsuccessful in dealing with this stress and thay have no idea how to make up all the mess they had left behind. There would be several questions in their minds that how they would approach their Ex-girlfriends back so, we have come with some effective tips which you have to follow step by step to get her back in your life.


Tip # 1: Allow some time to pass and don’t panic in between

Time is the best healer, and it is one of the most accurate statements I have ever heard. Allow some time to pass, don’t act clingy. Maybe your clingy actions would have pushed your Ex-girlfriend away from you in the past. Everything would be so fresh now, and it’s not a good idea to reconcile at this moment when there’s an obvious chance of ending up in fighting. So, firstly stop panicking and accept that this lousy incident has happened to you no matter what that how much struggle you did or tried. Give yourself some time to understand your past actions and accept this breakup. And in the meanwhile try to put off all your negative thoughts by spending more quality time with friends and family.


Tip # 2: Understand what’s pushing her away

After realizing and accepting the fact of a breakup, move to the next step where you would have to avoid all the stupid things you did in the past because might she would have left you due to those actions. Don’t ever try to beg or request her like begging to add you back in her life. It never works, or if it works surprisingly then 100%, you would surely lose your self-respect in her eyes which is more important than winning her back. The second most stupid thing which most of the boys do is to keep calling her all the time. It shows how desperate you are and it devalues you in her eyes. If you want your Ex-girlfriend back in your life, then you must have to avoid these things.

If you want to do something which would work then apply the NO-CONTACT rule, lose all contact with her. Stop contacting your Ex-girlfriend by any way which means no calls, no messages, etc. It also includes No stalking on social media, etc. You don’t know, but it would act beneficial for you more than any other thing. Now, the question might be it would work fruitful for me as I would become able to judge my capacity of living without her. But what would my Ex-Girlfriend feel after this?

She would surely notice this change in you if you had been desperate in the past plus she would become curious about the reason behind this change. This NO-CONTACT period should last up to between 1- 3 months, it entirely depends on what are my circumstances suggesting me.


Tip # 3: Focus on yourself

Now, when you have realized the problem lies in your behavior, then this one is a step ahead which would compel you to ponder over what’s the problem lies within you which pushed her away.

If you want your Ex-Girlfriend to come back in your life, then try to become a better and improved version of yourself regarding everything like in your appearance, relationships, communication skills, confidence, skills, etc. Try to get more awareness about society and the environment. Be sharp and show more interest towards what’s trending. Maybe your Ex-Girlfriend would have missed you much in the NO-CONTACT phase, and she would be shocked after seeing your improvised version. She would be more than happier to see you being a better person in all walks of life.


Tip # 4: Be normal again with her

Once you get to meet her after all this period with an improvised version of yours, it’s time to rekindle that old fire between you and her. Try to be on the usual terms again and act like there’s nothing sort of awkwardness between you people. Remember your normal behavior would inevitably affect her, and she would also try to open up before you. This is one of the toughest steps to do, but if you want your Ex-Girlfriend back in your life, then you would have to do this without any further questions. What you have to do is to be consistent, warm and friendly towards making her more comfortable than ever.


Tip # 5: Make a deep connection

Now, the last step is to make a deeper and stronger connection with her like nobody ever did. Try to increase the frequency of interaction and healthy discussion with her. It would open your mind more.  Do text and make calls more often and try to surprise her with the cute and emotional gestures to win her heart back.

Now, what’s next? Your Ex-Girlfriend is back. This is the moment to cherish and celebrate, but if this strategy still didn’t work for you then what else could you do?

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