So many people who are in the process of developing a new website are scared of carrying out a usability test due to the cost involved. However Usability test doesn’t have to be that complex, they can be conducted in a simple and stress-free way that guarantees you also get the right result at the end using the following tips.

Commence the test immediately you start the developing your site or product: While developing a new website or project, it is vital to commence the usability test immediately instead of leaving them until the project comes to an end. This is because ironing out usability issues on time will save you a lot of work and money.

Use all types of user: When conducting your usability test, you really do not have to carry out extensive research targeted recruitment in order to find the ideal set of users. You can make use of anyone who has knowledge of how to use computers and the internet.

Split test users into smaller groups: It is also essential to split your participants into smaller groups and allow each group to take the test one at a time. For instance, you can have group A take the test, analyze their report and iron out any problem they must have identified before getting group B to take the next set of questions. By doing this, you will have discovered so many things about your website by the time the test is completed by all groups.

Use a simple configuration: You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a purpose-built test area because there is no assurance that you may get the right result. All you need is a computer, a video camera, and a television. Ask the test participants to sit at the computer with a camera centered on the screen, place a wire in the next room and put your screen with a TV connected.  You will need to have someone asking questions while sitting next to the test users and another person taking the notes. Also, ensure that you have a camcorder to record their voice for future references.

Ask the right questions:  While conducting a usability test, you must ensure that you ask only the right questions at each stage of the test. However, you can position your question this way:

  • Do you know what the site is all about?
  • How does the site make you feel?
  • What do you think is the best benefit you can derive by making use of the site?
  • What is your first impression of the site?
  • You can also ask them questions on things they can do on the site, for can you place an order, make a request or find critical information.

In all, you must ensure that each participant is relaxed and made to feel free as much as possible in order to produce only the right answers only.

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