Today there are nay people around us who think that writing is an inborn skill but they are wrong. Many people around us develop this skill by writing essay and stories. They create an outline according to the topic and organize their thoughts to bring out some meaningful composition. Everyone has their own ideas and views but the way they organize it makes the difference. There are many points which are to be considered while planning for essay writing and following it would help to become a good writer.

The first and most important point which is very important is the main purpose of writing an essay. Once it is clear next is to generate thoughts and ideas on a given topic. This will help to create an outline and thus make it easy to write a good essay. The purpose of the essay must even be visible to readers so that they too get interested in it and thus give time to read it. One who was able to come up with a perfect outline would really find very easy to write a high-quality essay. It would make easy to write points according to outline and thus everything would be organized.

Next is to plan a layout as the essay is one such thing which has to be organized in sequence. There must be a link between all paragraphs and at the same time, each and every paragraph must show their importance. The first paragraph of an essay is the introduction and so it must be short and precise. The last paragraph must have a conclusion which shows the main idea behind the topic along with other general views. The other paragraphs which are been used between these two must also have a connection with each other and should develop interest among readers.

A writer who are using support points in form of evidence to support what you are writing can have a great impact in mind of readers. Each and every paragraph must show a different point so that it does not look repetitive and also give meaningful sense.

The conclusion must be small but should have complete focus on it. Writers must reframe their main ideas and thoughts behind writing an essay on it and finally bring it to an end. The reframing of words must bring a positive response of readers on your points.

Last step of essay writing in proofreading which does not give much importance. Grammatical and spelling mistakes can spoil the essay even if the content is to point and organized. The writer must himself read the essay first so that they can rectify the mistake and corrects them. Next, they can take help from friends and some elders at home to proofread their essay to correct all mistakes.

These are some basic ideas which would help everyone to write a good essay. One who is willing to develop writing skill must start writing an essay and follow these instructions to bring some good result. Writing essay continuously would surely help to become a successful writer. These basic instructions will not only make it easy to write the essay but also would help to keep readers engaged and thus increase followers. The basic purpose of the essay must be fulfilled both according to writer and reader.