Now almost all sportsbooks offer esports bets. Considering the number of bets, the industry of computer competition exceeds some classical kinds of sports. That is why sportsbooks expand the assortment of esports bets. Due to the big quantity of companies, it can be difficult for a regular player to choose the sportsbook correctly. That is why we recommend you to pay your attention to five moments while picking out a sportsbook for esports bets.

Sportsbook has to offer a broad selection of matches and disciplines

Each player wants to make a bet on the games that are interesting for them. And a high-quality sportsbook must satisfy the interests of all the users. There must be all the popular disciplines — CSGO, DOTA 2, LoL, SC2, Hearthstone, Overwatch and others — at the sportsbooks line. The more games are present the better it is.

The same situation is present at matches as well. Often bookmakers give only the most important games skipping minor online leagues or qualifiers. Gamers usually like the last matches. That is why, before you are registered on the site of the sportsbooks, you should find out which tournaments and matches are available for bets.

Live matches 

Esports bets are mostly made during the game. Live bets let us evaluate the likelihood of the event and to make a winning choice. It is obligatory to add main matches in Live while choosing a sportsbook. Of course, all the meetings of the sportsbooks’ lines cannot be turned into Live. However, the main daily events must be in the Live section.

Detailed bets 

Details are the number of events for the bets during one match. For example, the sportsbooks can set a bet only for the winner of the series best-of-3 or provide more options which can contain bets for winners of each map, total and handicap on frags, total of the time of a map, couriers’ murders, who is going to win a gun game and other unique for every game events. Top sportsbooks give approximately 100 markets for the main games of the day which can only please. Such good sportsbooks set different numbers of totals, alternative handicaps, accurate scores of maps, etc. You should choose a sportsbook with a broad selection of events.


One of the main criteria for choosing a book-maker in general. The higher the odds are, the more the profit will be in the distance. To evaluate the odds of different book-makers, you need you find one event with two possible outcomes. Each outcome will have the same figure: 1.85, 1.87, 1.89 or any other. The higher the odds are for equal outcomes, the lower the margin of the sportsbooks is and the asset prices for other events will be higher. Comparing the odds, you will get more from the successful bets.


Bonuses in a sportsbook company are not obligatory, but they will not be extra. If you opt between two sportsbooks, you should choose a company with bonuses. However, you should get to know the winning-back conditions. They must be real, or the meaning of the bonus is lost.