5 Tips To Improve Your Visibility On Instagram

The most popular social networking platform today is Instagram. Its population is continuously increasing, with constant activity among all the users. There’s a mix-and-match of different users on this social media platform, including private individuals and businesses. This increasing popularity of Instagram can be both a good and bad thing. When you think positively, it confirms the idea that Instagram is indeed an effective marketing strategy. However, the challenge is that if you don’t strive hard for it, your visibility may be affected.

To combat that fact, you’ll have to learn the tricks of the trade. So, here are the tips that can effectively help you improve your Instagram visibility and organic growth.

  1. Find Your Optimal Posting Times

Optimal posting time refers to that time in the day and day of the week when you should post to ensure having the most active viewers for your post. There’s no singular way to figure out the optimal posting time, as this can differ according to where you’re posting from. Moreover, it also matters what your niche is as that classification will dictate to the majority of your followers.

For example, if you’re an Instagram influencer that focuses on parenting, lifestyle, and managing a household. Wherever you’re from,  the optimal posting time would be late at night when busy moms have put their feet up and are done for the day.

Finding your optimal posting time can help increase your visibility by widening your accessibility to more followers, old and new. Once you’ve identified when those optimal posting times are, schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time so you’re consistently posting high-quality content.

To get this done accurately, you may want to consider taking in the services of an Instagram growth service. They’re experts at everything needed to grow your Instagram, including finding the optimal posting time for your account.

  1. Tag Your Location

Believe it or not, tagging your location from where you’re posting, also known as geotagging, is one of the most effective ways to boost your Instagram account’s visibility. If you’re concerned about real-time privacy, you can always edit the post once you’ve left that exact location. Instagram’s geotagging feature shouldn’t be taken for granted, especially when you’re aware of the positive effects it can have on your account.

Giving the exact location allows you to promote your post locally. This should be applied, especially if your Instagram account is also for your business.

  1. Post Unique, Relevant, Quality Content

The content is king. If you’re posting boring and outdated content,  your visibility will stay stagnant.  Rather than increasing your visibility, you may lose followers too, when they’ve lost interest in what you’re saying and posting.

Double-check whenever you post new content to ensure the quality isn’t compromised. At its best, the three characteristics you have to satisfy are that the content is unique, of good quality, and is relevant to today’s time.

These hacks are worth doing to achieve those three descriptions:

  • Optimize your bio by posting a link to your website or blog if you have one. When doing so, your followers can automatically access your blog from your Instagram account whenever you have new posts;
  • Produce more video content, as many of your followers may be more interested in watching videos rather than reading long chunks of text;
  • Include a call-to-action in your captions by asking questions, encouraging shares, and more likes.
  1. Harness The Power Of Hashtags

When you’ve been using Instagram for a long time, you should be aware now of how powerful hashtags are. Like geotagging, it increases your traffic and followers, contributing to higher visibility.

Hashtags help you reach a larger audience, bringing your post to the worldwide ‘album’ under the same hashtag. Whenever an Instagram user clicks a hashtag like the one, you’re using, they’re taken to a library of all recent posts with that hashtag, yours included.

However, to make it work well for your account, be sure to use and choose the right hashtags. Most of the powerful and popular hashtags  are campaign-based, generic, community-based, or branded.

  1. Experiment With Videos

Don’t forget Instagram stories. While quick, it’s very powerful in grabbing your audience’s attention. While photos get a lot of likes, Instagram stories create buzz, increase views, and generate more views. If you haven’t been using Instagram stories and Instagram reels, then you’re definitely missing out.

Try expanding your content to include videos. Then, study your analytics. You may  be able to see an increase in your visibility.



In a nutshell, improving your Instagram is all about outsmarting Instagram’s algorithm. Moreover, you’re a few steps ahead of your competition. It may take quite a lot of effort and time to get all those strategies done right, but once you see the positive changes as to how your brand’s visibility will now have increased, you’ll realize that all those efforts are worth it. Note that there’s no universal way to grow your Instagram visibility. Let the tips above only be your guide, where you test each out and see what applies to you and what doesn’t.