In this modern world, digital marketing is an incredibly valuable way to reach new audiences and interact with existing customers. With the internet available in the palm of our hands, it’s important that businesses understand how to best utilize this tool to their advantage. By creating a reliable and relatable online presence, you can attract new clientele and establish your digital brand.

With reputable SEO and digital marketing companies available across Canada, such as GrowME, creating clickable online content has never been easier. Ensuring your company is accessible on all major social media platforms ensures that you remain relevant and accessible to your desired audience. Therefore, utilizing Instagram is an incredibly important step in ensuring a strong digital presence.

But creating an Instagram account for your business requires more than simply snapping a photo and uploading it to your page. Let’s explore some aspects you need to consider when developing content for Instagram.


Step #1: Plan Your Content

Before it comes time to post, it’s crucial that you have a clear vision for what you want your page to look like. Instagram is a visual platform, so determining how your company translates to such a medium is important. When developing your theme, consider the colour palettes, filters, and type of content you are interested in using. When Instagram users turn to your page, they are exposed to your entire grid of photos, not simply a single one in their feed; what effect do you want your page to have on them?

Additionally, take the time to consider what you want your Instagram page to do for you. Are you wanting more sales? New customers or followers? How about engagement? Instagram is more than a way to stay up-to-date– it’s a tool to enhance your company. So figure out how you want to use it.

The final step in the planning process is to develop a content publishing calendar. It’s not always enough to come up with a new idea every day, as quality posts sometimes require time and effort. Additionally, by planning ahead, you can ensure that your content is varied and reflects any upcoming holidays, seasons, or trends.

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Step #2: Create Your Content

Larger companies typically have a dedicated social media manager or even a team of content creators. But even if you happen to be both the CEO and Head of Marketing, your initial publishing calendar will help guide you. While capturing or creating your content, ensure you are keeping your objectives in mind, using high-quality images and sound, and, most importantly, engaging your audience.


Step #3: Optimize Your Content

The first way to do this is by using relevant hashtags. While those who use Instagram for their personal accounts may view hashtags as a way to add humour to their posts, companies need to take a more tactical approach. Hashtags are an incredibly important part of Instagram and can be used to reach a wider audience and attract more followers.

Event, holiday, location, or even niche hashtags can help you reach your target audience, as Instagram’s algorithm will filter based on the user’s preferences. Additionally, the user may choose to search under a specific hashtag to find more personalized content.

It’s recommended that you always use hashtags in your posts, but know when enough is enough; while you can have up to 30, that may overwhelm the algorithm and decrease the post’s success. Additionally, do your research on potential hashtags prior to using them, as they may be deceiving and not properly represent your brand.

The second way to increase the likelihood of a successful post is by geotagging it. By including the location where the content was created, your post will pop up every time a user searches for that city, business, or even street.



Developing content for your business’ Instagram account can be exciting and an opportunity to be creative, but it does require hard work and planning. However, by taking your time researching your company’s goals and audience, you can set your company’s page up for success.