Are you going to move house in the near future? Chances are that you are dreading it since we are not living under normal circumstances with the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, there is no need to worry too much as long as you plan well in advance and take the necessary precautions. It is also highly recommended that you are aware of government advice on home moving during this time so as to act properly and safely.

Here are five tips and guidelines which you need to bear in mind, if you don’t want to get the help of a moving company.


Viewing Properties

Buying a property is not a simple task. It takes time and a lot of consideration.

A prospective buyer will be checking different properties before making up his mind. However at this time it is best to avoid going personally to several properties.

It is advisable to rely on photos and videos on the internet to see what a property offers, and only visit a property personally if you are seriously considering making an offer for it. 

As much as possible virtual viewings should be chosen. Obviously this may not always be possible. In such circumstances make sure that you keep proper social distance from the other parties. Also wear face coverings at all times.

According to the guidelines all physical viewings should not involve more than two households in the property at any one time. This includes any agents. So it may be necessary for one party to leave the property before another party enters. It is best to avoid taking any children with you so as to avoid unnecessary touching of any surface areas.

Also note that no open house viewings are possible any longer. Any viewings should be arranged by an appointment. 

Flexible Arrangements

It is important to understand that the process of searching for a property and moving into a new home have changed considerably since there are rules in place.

There are also different ways to go about it by the property agents and conveyancers involved in the process. All such measures are intended to do things as safely as possible under the given circumstances. 

As a result many meetings and viewings are being held online. This also applies to more communication. Delayed moves have become more common than ever especially since there may be cases where one or more of the parties involved might be sick, or required to self-isolate at any time.

Since when buying or renting you will be entering into a legally binding contract, it is best to consult with a professional so as to be well aware of any effects and implications Covid-19 might have on you. Contractual provisions in order to manage such risks are being increasingly advised and implemented.


Surveys & Inspections

If you are going to buy a property you might need to arrange for tradespeople to carry out inspections. In such cases only one person should visit at any one time, and only if there are no members of the household who are showing symptoms of Covid-19 or self-isolating.

With regards to surveys of property, the surveyor that you hire will take care of this on your behalf. An appointment should be made and the surveyor should follow all guidelines relating to social distancing.

In the case of searches on a property, it is recommended to hire a legal representative who will be able to carry this out online. This will help to progress your transaction.


Moving Considerations

To move house you will need to go through the process of packing. As much as possible you should do this yourself, rather than requesting a removals company to offer this service. Also, for everyone’s safety take the precaution of cleaning your belongings properly as these will then be handled by others when you move.

Speaking of movers, make sure to hire a removals company that is backed up with experience. You need a reliable service provider more than ever as there are so many things to take into account during this time. The moving home company should be able to offer you guidance and support with regards to moving house. The staff will be well aware of how to operate as safely as possible.

It is important to contact the removals firm such as Flyttebyrå Oslo you will be hiring as early as possible. Discuss the move so as to be on the same page on all aspects revolving around the pandemic and the necessary safety guidelines.


On the Day

On the day of your move make sure to remain as calm as possible. Feeling stressed out and pressured will only contribute to problems or not being able to maintain the necessary safety guidelines well enough.

While the removers are in the house keep all doors and windows open to have proper ventilation. Wear masks and maintain a social distance of at least 2 metres. If possible you should remain outdoors rather than inside so as to minimise contact as much as you can. 

Make sure to prepare hand sanitizer or washing facilities with disposable paper towels at hand so as to encourage all involved to clean their hands regularly.


Be careful and prepare yourself for this move in advance. Any other members of the household should be aware of all the guidelines too, so as to help one another throughout the moving process, and especially on the day of the move.