Most humans have one thing in common. We all lose keys and funnily enough we always lose them on the worst day, at the weirdest hour of the night, the most hectic week of the month. So if you have been struggling to figure out how to keep them safe and protect yourself from losing them in the middle of the night while coming home from your friends place. Then you’d be happy to know that you have landed at the right place.

Essential preventive measure:

By taking the following preventive measures you can help protect yourself form the falling grace of losing a key at midnight.

Keep a Spare:       

As bad as it gets it’s always great to have a spare lying around in your bags, wallets or the back of your phone. Now you can also buy one of those phone protectors that come equipped with a key holder at the back. We all know we can never forget our phones, so naturally you won’t lose your keys either.

Have a copy hidden around your house:

You should hide at all costs. It is always nice to have a spare hidden somewhere around your apartment or your house. Just pick a nice, safe spot for your spare and make sure no one’s looking. No you don’t want unwanted visitors going through your stuff at night, do you? If you trust your neighbors or nearby friends then you could also let them keep a spare for safe keeping.

Call a Locksmith:

I know we all have been there. Calling a Locksmith in the oddest hours, well if you happen to be in areas around Kanata you’ll be glad to know that there’s a great amount of Locksmiths in Kanata that provide effective and swift service at all odd hours. You can call them up and they will arrive with their meticulous set of keys and kits to help you out, no matter what time it is.

Most locksmiths can help you out with all sorts of keys, whether they are electrical or mechanical. However, only a few can equip you with the right set of master keys, prom copies and safe keys in order to provide the best possible service available.

Change locks:

In order to completely avoid the hassle of losing a key, you can change your locks to entirely digital. If you constantly struggle with losing keys then maybe you should equip your house and doors with either a thumb proof lock pad or a voice recognition pad. Surely the advent of technology has changed everything.

Having a thumb impression or voice recognition installed would help you in the longer run by not only providing you with the right amount of security but also ease and convenience. You won’t have to worry about losing or safe keeping your keys anymore. Just make sure to sign up for a nice locksmith plan in order to guarantee home access at all times.