5 Tips When import Products from China Yiwu Market

Which is the largest small commodity market in the world? If you are engaged in global trade , then the China Yiwu market should sound familiar to you. You can benefit from sourcing various products in different categories from this enormous market.

The market divided into five districts and covering an area of four million square meters for 75000 booths, where 100,000 suppliers exhibit 400,000 kinds of products there.

Here are the five tips when sourcing products in the Yiwu Market.


  1. How you get into the Yiwu Market

The Yiwu city located in Jinhua City, the central part of Zhejiang Province, China. Approx 260 kilometers from Shanghai.

There is an airport and a railway station in Yiwu City: Yiwu Airport: IATA:YIW;ICAO:ZSYW.

It takes around 1hr and 40mins if you travel from Shanghai to Yiwu by the bullet train. Each year, nearly 500,000 foreign merchants import products from China Yiwu. There are more than 15,000 overseas merchants from more than 100 countries and regions are stationed in Yiwu.


  1. Get a Market Guideline Map and narrow down the target district in the market.

The Market has a total of five districts for products in different categories. You need to check the map and aware of the precise area you should navigate instead of putting yourself blindly in such a big wholesale market.

Make a timeline if you have multiple target products and don’t want to waste too much time on a single product. For example, you need to visit the district No.1 if you are going to find the toy wholesalers in the market.


  1. Hiring a translator or a local sourcing agent to help you when sourcing the product

Most of the wholesalers in the Yiwu market cannot speak good English so a translation service may be necessary if it’s the first time you are landing to the new territory.

The China sourcing agent like OwlSourcing can help you find the right vendor at a reasonable price. They can save your time and ensure your importing from China without hassle due to the language barrier and culture difference.


  1. Take Notes about the ideal vendors

Always staple the name card into your notebook and write down the necessary information about the product. This step will help you recall the specific product you found in the market after you have visited many different booths.

You can ask for the samples when visiting a booth or when you back at your office to check the quality. Use your smartphone to take a photo when you find the right product and also under the permission of the booth owner.


  1. Check the sample quality and the defective points before place the order

Quality control is a priority when importing from Asia resource regions. You should resolve the potential products quality issue rather than doing it in your country. The Yiwu market is full of low-cost small commodities so you should pay more attention to product quality.



It’s worth to navigate the largest wholesale market in the world. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to have a face to face talk with the various wholesalers and check the sample quality on-site.

A local fisherman knows where is the perfect fishing spot when hunting the specific fishes.

If you want to buy from the largest wholesale market and import from China, work with a reliable sourcing agent is a good option.