Do you want to transform the way your bathroom looks? Are you looking for the best bathroom floor tile ideas? Then, this post is just for you as it covers some of the newest and coolest bathroom ideas. Change the way your bathroom looks by trying out any of these amazing ideas. You will not regret it. Tiles play a huge role in how a space appears aesthetically and bathrooms are no exception. If you truly want to spice up your life, then, the following bathroom floor tile ideas are just the inspiration you need.

Even if your bathroom might not be the biggest room in the house, it does not mean that you cannot have fun decorating it. From cool wallpaper to soothing bathtubs to majestic tiles, the bathroom is the one place in your home where you get to be completely free. Hence, it is crucial that you experiment with the latest trends to make a statement. It does not matter if the bathroom is small or large because when you tile the space, it helps bring lots of personality to it. Thus, you can create your very own space where you get to relax after a long and stressful day at work. Moreover, the bathroom is a place where you get to spend time with your lover without any inhibitions. This is why you should accentuate the experience you have. Classic subway tiles and outdoor split face tiles are the best way to do so as they can be used in just about every type of way.

Go All Pink

Pink is one of the most attractive colors out there. It brings a homely vibe to a space. So, if you are feeling some love in your life, then, you should go all pink. You do not have to go for the standard white tiles and can instead try out pink to add visual interest to the space. Pink chevron subway tiles are extremely popular. They allow the bathroom to remain light and modern. They can also be paired with oversized marble walls to give an exuberant feeling.

Bright & Bold

A simple upgrade such as by going bright and bold can go a long way. Experimenting with tiles that feature hexagonal shapes will add the right amount of texture to provide your bathroom with some much needed depth. However, it would still feel modern and minimalistic. Keep in mind that hexagonal tiles are not easy to install. But, they offer a beautiful and sophisticated look.

Navy Blue Subway Tiles

When it comes to navy blue subway tiles, they offer a rich and luscious touch to your bathroom. Moreover, they also make a tiny space appear larger and deeper. Besides, the navy blue subway tiles offer a modern upgrade to a traditional bathroom. They also add more interest to the space. The slight reflection of the blue has soothing effects on your mind and soul.

Unique & Rustic

If you want something different for your bathroom, then, it might be a good idea to opt for a unique and rustic look. Tiles that give a feeling of natural wood are a great option. They provide a surprising twist to your bathroom. Furthermore, they offer an eclectic feel to the area. Unique and rustic tiles have become very trendy these days.

Mix Different White Tiles

If bathrooms mean white tiles to you, then, that does not mean that you should restrict yourself to the same size, design, or shape. Instead, you should mix things up by using different shapes, designs, and sizes. Putting them together will provide an interesting look to your bathroom. Ditch the same textures for something completely different.

Traditional Penny Tiles

Classic penny tiles offer something that other tiles simply cannot offer. They help transform your bathroom into an appearing and chic space. Traditional penny tiles have an instant affect on the bathroom. Create a vintage and yet updated space by making use of these tiles. Moreover, traditional penny tiles can also be paired with classic mirrors and rustic wooden fixtures to make your bathroom stand out. The bathroom will look like it belongs in a hotel.

Use Different Designs

Tiles with patterns and designs have become very popular. They allow you to show off your personality in the best way possible. You can use the tiles for the walls or the flooring. The patterns will catch everyone’s eyes without them feeling overwhelmed. Since they are neutral and light, when you use designs and pattern styled floor tiles, you add plenty of texture to the space. Moreover, you can also add an oversized bold floral wallpaper to make the space Instagram worthy.

 Oversized White Tiles

Oversized white tiles have always been in demand. There is no better way to make your bathroom look and feel homier than oversized white tiles. They are the definition of homely. When you place oversized white tiles on your walls and flooring, you realize that it helps reduce grout lines. Moreover, the bathroom will appear less busy and the patterned tile flooring will make the room more visual.

Beautiful & Subtle

If you want your bathroom to look its best, then you need to opt for beautiful and subtle floor tiles. They will make your bathroom look like a tranquil spa. The muted-patterned tile walls and the cement sink will make the space appealing, unique, and fresh. Opt for beautiful and subtle floor tiles to alleviate the look of your bathroom.

Try Different Patterns

Sometimes all you need in life is more variety. This is why it is a good idea to try out different patterns. Traditional subway tiles can be paired with geometric patterns to provide a modern and funky vibe to your bathroom. You can also make use of circle pink floor tiles for adding a feminine and fun vibe to the space. By trying out different patterns, you will be able to show off your personality.


The bathroom floor tiles mentioned in this post will help transform your bathroom. They will bring much needed change to the space.