When companies are looking for new influencers, they typically think of the big-name celebrities, people who have huge fan followings. But there are many other influencers out there that make great candidates for small businesses.

First, small businesses need to understand that it is not just numbers that are important, especially in the field of drywall estimating services. Getting an influencer with lots of fans might be great for your business, but if their audience is not right for what your business does or if they don’t actually fit the type of people you want to attract to your brand, then it can do more harm than good. Consequently, enlisting the help of a micro-influencer (someone with followers between 1k-10k) can be helpful. They typically have smaller followings and audiences that are better suited for small business campaigns because they are really engaged in what the influencer has to say about various brands.

Eventually, you’ll get large numbers of followers too when other customers “follow” your brand, but by then you’ll have established a community that is already interested in what you have to say and sell. Subsequently, this will help to build your business from the ground up instead of trying to attract an audience from other posts on social media.┬áThat is why it’s recommended to learn more about micro-influencer marketing if you want to spread brand awareness.

Below, we are listing top five ways small businesses can work with micro influencers:

1. Pay the Influencer A Fee to Promote Your Business

You’ll come across several different types of micro-influencers when looking for an individual to partner with on your campaign, but chances are they will not take payment directly from you. The way that this typically works is that you send them free products or something similar that is relevant to their interests and then they post about it on their social media accounts through photos or videos.

According to John Ross, founder of the best SAT prep, usually the influencer will share photos or videos of themselves using or trying out your product and then directing their followers to your website. This is a great way to get people clicking on your site, but you also want them to click-through and buy something once they’re there. Small businesses shouldn’t just send products with a hope that it will help sales; they should send a freebie along with a coupon code for customers who end up buying something from their site as well.

This can be seen as an added benefit because this gives small business owners another chance to advertise to customers directly through social media posts by targeting those individuals who ended up buying from their brand after originally seeing the sponsored post from the micro-influencer.

2. Pay the Influencer To Customize A Free Product They Received

Another way to get more mileage out of products sent to your micro-influencers is to ask them if they would like anything changed or customized on it before they post about it. Maybe you can add their name to the product somewhere, put their social media handle on the packaging, or even send them some high-quality prints for Instagram photos instead of just posting a photo online.

This helps your business in multiple ways because 1) you are getting free advertising through posts that already exist and 2) influencers will be much more likely to share their experience with your brand because something unique was done with the product they received. This kind of marketing is also great for small businesses because it shows that you value what the micro-influencer does for your brand and helps to establish a relationship between both parties.

3. Sponsor an Influencer With A Prize For Their Audience

According to Harriet Chan, the co-founder and VP of Marketing at CocoFinder, in order to create a sense of urgency among followers, you can have an influencer hold a contest or giveaway with the prize being something from your business. This must be done in partnership with another company so everyone wins, but it will also help to get more eyes on your brand.

This is simple marketing at its best because when people enter into contests they are often required to share the post in order to win or follow certain accounts in order to participate in different ways. That means that 100 people enter a contest about your business, you get 100 people who are likely to check out your site and possibly make a purchase.

4. Use the Influencer to Host A Giveaway On Your Site

Have the influencer work directly with your company on an event or contest rather than putting it all on their shoulders. This can be done in two ways – have them host the giveaway on their social media accounts while also asking people to visit your site for official rules and entry details or have them post about the giveaways themselves while tagging your brand in each photo or video that they upload .

This allows more room for creativity, but it also helps you avoid any negative publicity by keeping everything together on one platform. It’s important to remember that if influencers are promoting your business, it is in your best interest to let them do their thing in the way that they know works for them and their audience.

5. Engage the Influencer’s Audience by Hosting A Q&A Session

According to Maddy Brown, social content producer at Spacer, a company with focus on making parking in Boston easier, this is another great way to expand the reach of your brand by having an influencer connect you with their audience. Starting a conversation about your brand, business or product on someone else’s account like Instagram or YouTube is a great way for people who follow that account to find out more information about what they are promoting.

If it feels right, you can even do this via live video chat and take questions from followers in real time. This will help promote your business because it will give everyone with access to social media the opportunity to see that you are actively engaging with people through social media marketing and there might be enough interest in the company itself to learn more.

These are just five of the many ways that micro-influencers can help to promote your business and by establishing a relationship with them, you will continue to get future customers through their accounts even after the campaign has come to an end.