Right now, just about anyone with wanderlust is jonesing to hit the road and explore. And no matter the time of year, what better place than Florida, the Sunshine State?

This beautiful state is the perfect road trip destination for couples, groups of friends, and families alike. Its warm, mild weather and endless points of interest are sure to delight any traveler.

And with this simple guide, you’ll know how to plan a road trip in Florida that is both thrilling and memorable


Know the Terrain

First things first, you must familiarize yourself with Florida to make the most of your trip.

Use Google Maps or this Florida maps and facts resource by WorldAtlas to examine Florida’s geography and main cities.

If you already have a destination or there’s a number of cities or sites you wish to see, visually examining Florida’s layout will make that much easier.


Choose the Best Vehicle for the Job

Word to the wise: if you have an electric vehicle, you may not want to take this bad boy out on your Florida road trip!

As amazing as these vehicles are in your day-to-day life, there simply are not enough charging stations in Florida to keep you on the road. And trust us, you do not want to be stranded on the side of the road anywhere in Florida in the middle of the night!

Instead, take the opportunity to rent a comfy car, SUV, camper, whatever you like. Make sure the vehicle is best for long-distance drives. Also, ensure it has plenty of space for your fellow road trippers and all of your gear.


Create Your Itinerary

The funnest (and potentially, most exasperating!) part of planning a Florida road trip is choosing your destinations! And again, Florida is home to numerous incredible sites.

To ensure your itinerary serves you best, consider the point of this road trip and who is going with you.

For instance:

  • Are you driving your family to Disney World and the other family-friendly parks in Orlando?
  • Are you a hip, young urbanite looking to check out cities like Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville?
  • Are you looking for tons of relaxation, and hoping to island-hop in the Florida Keys?

Considering your group type and your reason for visiting Florida will help you create your itinerary.

No matter where you’re main destinations are, be sure to try to visit a hidden gem or two during your road trip. These are the places that are least likely to be packed with crowds. And the novelty factor alone makes them worth the extra mileage.


Last-Minute Details

Try to plan well enough ahead so that you do not forget any essential last-minute details.

For instance, create a checklist of items, like your ID and payment cards, toiletries, snacks and drinks, phone and charger, and other essentials. Only reference this the morning of your trip, and only check off items you’ve absolutely packed.

Also, keep the following tips in mind before your journey begins. They may seem like common sense, but they’re exactly the type of ideas you’re likely to forget in the excitement of your planning!


Keep Your Group Involved at Every Step

If you’re not traveling solo, be sure you and your road trip crew are on the same page. Create a social media group specifically dedicated to this trip and invite everyone going on the trip to join.

Share the itinerary and discuss pertinent details, such as the pickup or meet-up time on the first day of the road trip. Sure, road trips should be breezy and not overly planned, but starting your journey off later than anticipated can have a domino effect on the rest of the trip.


Know Florida State Laws

Speaking of fun, if you or anyone else in your party is a regular cannabis user, be sure to keep up with Florida’s marijuana laws. It’s far better to be prepared than to be behind bars!

Florida isn’t only tough when it comes to recreational marijuana use. For example, do you have a friend who likes to sing while wearing their swim gear? Well guess what, that’s illegal in the Sunshine State, too!

Okay, so that one’s a bit weird and overly specific. But it illustrates that Florida road trippers need the laws that may most likely affect them, as well as the off-beat ones.


Save Money with SunPass

Also, to better manage the myriad tolls you’ll encounter on the road, enroll in Florida’s SunPass. It allows you to pass through tolls without stopping to pay a fee at each toll, saving you about 25% of toll fees.



Florida is a state abundant with natural beauty and lots to do and see. Naturally, it’s a popular tourist destination.

But with this guide at your side and the wind at your back, you can plan a road trip in Florida that you’ll never forget.