Every business needs to promote itself in order to grow and succeed. This includes your law firm. If you are open for business, but you’re not getting as many clients as you can handle, it’s time to take some action. It’s up to you to get up and generate business. Here are 5 ways that you can market and endorse your law firm and get more clients.


1. Buy a local television advertisement

Have you ever watched daytime television and watched the commercials? A lot of them are for local lawyers. Get your team together to create a great ad and get it out there. Make sure that your ad is informative and catchy. It’s also helpful if the number is easy for the viewers to remember.

Commercials reach a very large number of people, so you are bound to see a return on your initial investment.


2. Stay in touch with past clients via email


After someone needs your services, you may be tempted to just sever the relationship until they reach out to you again. However, you want to keep in touch with former clients just in case they or someone else that they know could use your services again. So how do you stay in touch? Use email!


You probably get every client’s email when working with them. Use this information to keep reaching out to them. Send them a monthly email to keep them updated on the things that your office can offer them and other family members. Don’t forget to let them know if you offer a discount for referrals.


3. Give people law advice online

As a lawyer, you have information that other people need and want. You can use your experience to answer specific legal questions that people have. Try doing this by being available once a week on social media to provide answers to these questions. Make sure to keep focus on your specialty.


For example, if you handle cases between neighbors, someone might have a question about what to do if their dog bites another person. You can tell them that in cases of liability for a dog bite injury, Dairn Shane of PreszlerLawBC.com explains that the owner’s claim to not knowing the dog’s capacity for aggression has no bearing on their liability, even if this was the first incident.


Answering these types of questions will get people to your social media page or website since many people may have the same question.


4. Build a Quality Website

Many people will look at your website before choosing you as an attorney. Having a professional and user-friendly website will help people make their decision. It will also give them all of the information they need. Be sure to include your contact information very clearly on your main page. You should also be clear about what cases you take, how to schedule a consultation, and what times you are available. Make this information easy to find.


Hire a professional to design the webpage specifically for you with a custom site. The more attractive and user-friendly it is, the more likely people will be to explore the site.

Be sure to link your site to all of your social media pages and review sites. You can also direct them how to leave a review themselves.


5. Focus on reviews

One of the best ways to get new clients is to do a good job with your old clients. Of course, you need to let other people know that you did a good job. Do this by encouraging past clients to leave you positive reviews online. The more reviews the better, so be sure to ask every client. Consider even giving people a small discount for leaving a review for you.


Everyone looks up services online before they make a decision. When they see that you have a large number of great reviews, you are bound to get more clients.


If you have time in your day for more work, you want to fill that space with more clients. Take that spare time and use it to promote yourself in every way you can. Start with free methods like social media and keep trying until your workload is full. When you have a full workload, be sure to keep up on your marketing so that you’re prepared when the business starts to decrease again. As a lawyer, it’s part of your job to promote yourself and your practice. Use these steps to get started, and you are sure to see some progress.