Buying and Selling a House: Advantages of hiring Real Estate Agents

If you want to sell a property, you may have already asked yourself whether you should do this alone or with the help of a real estate agent. The considerations should include numerous aspects and above all, effectiveness and efficiency should play a role. NFI Property Management Solutions advises that a sale through a real estate agent can lead to a quick and profitable deal. Below are the benefits of buying or selling a home with an estate agent.

Private Sale vs. Real Estate Agent

A private house sale can be very time-consuming. In addition, the person willing to sell must disregard all emotions and demonstrate real negotiating skills. However, many do not succeed or they feel overwhelmed by the legal situation and, last but not least, by the necessary specialist knowledge. With the knowledge of a real estate agent, everyone is on the right side. A real estate agent has many advantages. Last but not least, the activity of a real estate agent includes a wide range of services.

The selected real estate agent will first of all combine all the documents to form an overall picture. He or she will get an overview of the details of the property. This includes the land register excerpts, floor plans, energy certificate and proof of property tax. The real estate agent’s field of responsibility also includes the evaluation of the property and determining its value. For a potential buyer, it is important to be able to summarise all the details of a property. A real estate agent will prepare an exposé and insert pictures for a first impression. Depending on the property, the real estate agent will make a selection of suitable prospective buyers so that they fit exactly on the property. The person willing to sell also does not have to worry about unpopular viewing appointments and the sales negotiations are conducted with the real estate agent.

Further advantages of a real estate sale via a real estate agent include the organisation of the sales transaction with the notary, the handover of the property as well as serious and competent aftercare.

Real estate agents guarantee security

The security of transactions which the real estate office guarantees to the seller is also of great importance. He is sure that he will not receive an accidental person from the street, but a person already verified in the real estate office – written down from the ID card. Property owners often have unregulated legal issues related to property.

In any case, such a person is comprehensively informed about the stages of proceedings in order to regulate the legal issue of ownership, as well as receives professional assistance and advice from an intermediary. The intermediary also prepares a preliminary agreement, if necessary (often the purchase of real estate is credited and such an agreement is required).

The intermediary will complete all the documents to the conditional agreement or the agreement transferring the ownership, which definitely shortens the time of waiting for the preparation of the notarial agreement. The seller saves both time and costs, and may also order a visual inspection of the property by handing over the keys, as well as negotiating the price with an agent: the travel costs to the presented property is covered by the agent as part of the commission, which he charges at the time of sale. In this way, the seller often arrives only for the time of concluding a previously prepared notarial contract.

Sell a house safely with a real estate agent

Selling a house with the help of a real estate agent saves the seller a lot of time and effort. Potential buyers also receive well-founded and reliable support. The professional approach of a real estate agent increases the chances of selling your own property successfully and at good conditions. The same applies to the purchase of a property. Anyone willing to buy can rely on a well-researched real estate offer.

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