Picture the scene…

You’re staring out of your office window on a wet Wednesday afternoon during a brief hiatus between a mind-numbing and inane email exchange that seems to neatly characterise the last 20 years of your career.

Finally frustrated beyond all reason, you pick up your keyboard and crack it in half across your own forehead, then launch your monitor through the open window onto the street below, narrowly missing a traffic warden who’s writing out a ticket as it smashes into smithereens.

But being totally unhappy in your long-term job doesn’t have to end as explosively – with a little help from cutting-edge technology, you can smoothly transition to an exciting new role where you feel happier and healthier.

With that in mind, here are five ways tech can help your career migration.

  1. Bitcoin mining

Investors seem to blow hot and cold when commenting on the profitability of Bitcoin for serious investors.

But by studying expert sites, you can get to grips with complex concepts like Bitcoin mining, where you purchase a superpowered computer that guesses a random number generated when the ledger known as the blockchain is updated.

  1. Virtual Assistant (VA)

If you’ve got prior experience as a PA but don’t fancy being tied down to a full-time desk bound job, becoming a VA might be right up your employment alleyway.

Invest in a decent PC and telephony kit, source some reliable clients and your organisational skills will allow you to coin it in from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Mobile moviemaking

In days of yore, professional videography was an elite art only accessible to those who could afford specialist tuition and equipment.

But by referring to resources like Filmmakers Guide, you’ll realise that you can make professional movies on your smartphone with minimal equipment, and edit them with handy software like the KineMaster app.

  1. Private Detective

When you’re eagle-eyed, can sniff out a suspicious situation and are passionate about the potential of deductive reasoning, becoming a Private Detective is a fine career choice.

If you fancy being the next Magnum PI, you’ll need to shell out for some of the surveillance equipment available at detective-store.com.

  1. Online studying

Studying for an online degree can fast-track you to an entirely new sector or help you climb the career ladder.

And learning with an educator like Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning allows you to complete modules remotely, continue working and fulfil any childcare responsibilities – facilitating a smooth and steady switch to a new role over a period of a year or two.

Follow any one of our five career changing tech tips and your dream job could become a reality more rapidly than you thought possible.

That’s our list! Share your own tech career tips in the comments section.