With the increasing demand for goods, the need to use tractors has increased, so Hyundai has launched many tractors to meet the needs of customers. With Hyundai’s tractors, customers can be assured of the quality as well as the durability of the product, which is equipped with a modern and powerful engine system, along with the ability extremely good gas-saving capability provides high economic efficiency.

In the current Vietnamese market, how many types of Hyundai tractors are there?

Hyundai Trago tractor

Designed specifically for the terrain and infrastructure of European countries, began to be produced by Hyundai in October 2006 and has been imported to Vietnam, but this product line when imported Vietnam is almost used.

Hyundai Xcient tractors

Initially produced by Hyundai since 2013 with two board sessions is Xcient 1 bridge and Xcient 2 bridges. In Xcient line 2 bridges are divided into two types: H380 (capacity of 380 horsepower) and P420 (420 horsepower capacity).

Xcient cars were imported completely from Korea and this is currently the popular line of Hyundai tractors in Vietnam market.

Tractor HD1000

This is also a very popular product line in Vietnam market, it is equipped with D6CC engine system meeting EU4 emission standards. The capacity of HD1000 reach 410 horsepower. In addition, the truck is also equipped with electronic circuit ECU whose main task is to adjust the speed of fuel injectors in accordance with the speed and terrain of moving vehicles.

Tractor HD700

HD700 is equipped with D6AC engine with a capacity of 340 horsepower. However, since 2018 this product line has not been imported into Vietnam due to the emission standard of the car only reached EU2


Where to buy cheap Hyundai tractors?

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