Voice search is a fast-growing technology that 42% of people think is essential to their life. According to statistics, over 66 million people in the US alone own voice assistants, and 75% use it to find local businesses every week.

So, as far as your PPC campaign is concerned, it is essential to optimize it for voice search to reach your audience. Gone are the days of keyboards or typing, voice assistants are the new norm. If you are unsure of the right approach to tune your PPC campaign for voice searches a top PPC agency can help you be aware of some tried and test strategies:

  1. Focusing on Long-Tail Keywords

One of the best strategies is to target long-tail keywords that allow you to reach a valuable audience easily. They are vital for voice searches as they help your ad appear in popular voice search results.

As compared to typing text to make a query, users often use longer sentences and phrases while conducting voice searches. Voice searches also often involve question words like what, why, where, how, when, who, etc., making the queries much longer. Words like ‘to’ and ‘for’ are also involved in voice searches. So, give attention to effective long-tail keywords and look for ways to expand them.

  1. Use of Language that People Naturally Use

Voice searches often involve natural language used by the local people. The language that the users use to conduct typed queries is also radically different from verbal searches. To optimize your PPC campaign for voice searches, a PPC agency will incorporate natural language processing more effectively.

  1. Local Focus

People often use voice searches for finding businesses in their locality or neighbourhood, such as the nearby shops, cinema halls, and restaurants. For maximum performance in voice searches, think local and optimize accordingly. While optimizing, include keywords related to landmarks in your area, such as “best pub in Downtown Dallas”.

Using long-tail keywords with location names is highly effective in drawing users looking for services in a specific town, city or area.

  1. Inclusion of Ad Extensions

A PPC expert can include ad extensions while creating PPC ads. These extensions enhance your ad so that it can attract more leads from people who do voice search. For instance, with ‘call’ extension, you can give your phone number along with the ad, so that your audience can call you for any query.

  1. Mobile Site Optimization

Statistics show that 48% of consumers use their mobile phones to start a search, and 53% of the paid search clicks are done on mobile devices. With this information being relevant, it is important to ensure that your website adapts well on mobile phones.

When a user conducts a voice search using Siri, Google Home or any other device, they receive a link to find information about your business. Many of them click on that link on their mobile phones only. If your website is not optimized for these devices, your chances of losing leads are very high.

As technology evolves, you must adapt your strategies to meet the changing trends. Since voice searches have become an integral part of consumers’ daily lives, it’s crucial to utilize the win-win proposition of voice searches. With the expert assistance of a PPC agency who can suggest the best course of action, you can take the right measures to tweak your digital marketing strategy.