At Acer GAMSAT they recognise the importance of reflecting the GAMSAT mindset approach in all aspects of their GAMSAT preparation. GAMSAT is always evolving, and as a result – so are they.

They carry out comprehensive reviews after each sitting of the GAMSAT exam, and this ensures that their GAMSAT students are fully aware of any developments within the examination that impact future sittings. The natural consequences of this is that further GAMSAT preparation materials and preparation resources are being added to on an iterative basis. You can be assured that you will always be provided with all the most up to date GAMSAT preparation courses and resources – all the time!

Acer GAMSATs preparation courses are meticulous and uniquely designed to cater for GAMSAT, which is both varied in content and demanding in the skills set and understanding that the GAMSAT requires. The GAMSAT preparation courses they’ve created will assure a sense of structure and direction, whilst providing focus and motivation, as well as expert teaching and GAMSAT guidance.

Looking for preparation materials when it comes to GAMSAT is a nightmare, and by the end, you’ll be exposed to the key scientific principles that underpin the sciences, intertwined with the core skills of problem-solving, analysis and scientific interaction.

Quite simply, there are no easy steps to succeeding in GAMSAT and to suggest otherwise would be to negate that very success. But there are steps to building core knowledge and to having the ‘right’ understanding to respond to questions with assurance. Questions that can often, even to seasoned professionals, appear complex, challenging and ambiguous. Charting way to sift through information and data more effectively when it comes to your GAMSAT preparation, is partly the result of knowing what you need in terms of knowledge and understanding from the very beginning of your GAMSAT preparation journey.

It is also the result of familiarity with multi-disciplinary scientific scenarios, where content and skill become as one. And it is the result of dedication, perseverance and exemplary GAMSAT preparation courses and materials that will aid you in that.

Their GAMSAT preparation courses are designed to meet the needs of different GAMSAT students and are broken down into modules that in total incorporate all three sections of the GAMSAT test.