YouTube is one of the most used platforms on the internet. Over a billion people use YouTube regularly and almost five billion videos are watched daily on the platform. It offers videos, audios, and everything in between. If you have made a video or a podcast, and are looking for a way to make it pop, you need to add some music to it. One of the best ways to do so is by incorporating a freestyle beat. No video or audio file is complete without music.

Although YouTube is a huge platform that boasts 1,300,000,000 videos, finding a YouTube channel that offers freestyle beats can leave you feeling overwhelmed. It can be quite difficult to find a royalty-free music YouTube channel. However, there is no need to worry because this post looks at some of the best YouTube channels that offer freestyle beats for everyone. Thus, you get to use music uploaded by musicians for your video for free. Since most of the tracks on these YouTube channels are fresh, they will give your video a unique touch. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check out the YouTube channels offering freestyle beats.


When it comes to freestyle beats, is the perfect YouTube channel for up-and-coming singers, musicians, and rappers. If you do not have the money to spend on licensing/ leasing instruments, you can rely on this great resource for all your music needs. The platform understands that creating your music is expensive. Not every artist has the budget to pay producer licensing fees. has been created to provide high-quality royalty-free beats to everyone. Find a professional sound without having to pay a dime and save money for promotion and studio time. All of the tracks available on are royalty-free and do not have any tags. It means that these tracks can be used for just about any purpose without having to pay any royalties to the producer. Therefore, you get to keep 100 percent of the earnings made.

Create songs and videos using the beats on and post them on streaming services such as DatPiff, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. It does not get better than this. Moreover, you can even sell the songs on platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. You could also use the tracks in films, radio, TV, and music videos. Each track on this YouTube channel has been professionally composed, mastered, and mixed. The best thing about is that it provides free beats that have been encoded in both a high-quality WAV format and 320 kbps MP3 format. You can download the beat to your mobile device or computer. Since both of the formats are perfectly compatible with digital audio workstations, you can go right ahead and start using the freestyle beats for your music. Go through the extensive variety of tracks to find the perfect beat for your music and have it downloaded in minutes. You will be surprised by the high-quality tracks.

  1. Royal Tracks

Another great YouTube channel that offers freestyle beats is Royal Tracks. It provides aspiring artists and just about everyone with a huge selection of royalty-free music. There are all types of music genres on Royal Tracks. The tracks are created by different artists. Hence, you can expect great versatility in music. Each track is super fun to listen to and has a high production value. You do not have to use the tracks and can even just listen to them to experience the excitement.

Some tracks are intense, melodic, and more. You can never go wrong with Royal Tracks. The YouTube channel is used by artists across the globe. If you are interested in creating amazing music, videos, audio podcasts, and more, you can simply rely on Royal Tracks to keep you covered. You can also use the tracks for various video montages.

  1. No Copyright Sounds

As the name suggests, No Copyright Sounds is a YouTube channel that offers copyright-free beats. It releases free music for everyone. Use the finest sounds available on No Copyright Sounds to take your videos to the next level. They allow you to boost the popularity and creativity of your videos. You can also choose from a wide array of electro music tracks like the hardstyle and dubstep. What keeps people returning to No Copyright Sounds is the fact that most of the music tends to be extremely energetic. It is the perfect way to make gaming content more fun. You should also consider using the tracks for creating fast-paced video montages. The YouTube channel regularly uploads new videos. Hence, you should subscribe to No Copyright Sounds to stay updated and never miss out on their latest tracks. When you start using the tracks available on the YouTube channel, you will notice increased user engagement and a higher popularity level for your music. No Copyright Sounds is the perfect place to find freestyle beats.

  1. Zero Copyright Music

Similar to No Copyright Sounds, Zero Copyright Music is an excellent YouTube channel that offers freestyle beats to everyone. Download royalty-free music and use it for your content. The YouTube channel focuses mainly on electro music. There are all types of electro music tracks available on the YouTube channel. Some tracks are intense, while others are more chilled-out. Whether you are looking for energetic tracks or slow-paced tracks, you can expect to find them on Zero Copyright Music. Find the best background music on the channel for your vlogs and more.

  1. Free Songs to Use

Finally, Free Songs to Use is an amazing YouTube channel that covers just about every genre. You can find hip hop, dubstep, drum step, chill step, trap, big room, future house, tropical, melodic, progressive, and house on the YouTube channel. It offers a wide selection of high production value and well-curated tracks. The channel uploads new music daily.


From to Free Songs to Use, this post looks at the best YouTube channels that offer freestyle beats. Make sure to check out the YouTube channels to find the perfect beat for your music.