Review of Spirit Home Interiors – Your Specialist in Oriental Furniture

If you are looking for floor sofas, floor cushions, and floor seating options, you need to check outĀ Spirit Home Interiors is your one-stop destination for a wide variety of floor seating options. You will be surprised by the stunning sofas, cushions, and more. There is no better place to shop for high-quality oriental, Middle Eastern style interiors. Bring a unique edge to your home by shopping for something completely different. Also known as majlis seating, the Middle Eastern style floor sofas are made to bring people together. There are plenty of benefits to sitting on the floor. It allows you to connect with others.

Floor Sofas

The floor sofas available on Spirit Home Interiors are extremely attractive. They will bring your living room or any other room that they are placed to life. The floor sofas have an exquisite color. Each floor sofa on the site is better than the other. If you have always wanted to get a floor sofa for your home, you do not need to look any further because Spirit Home Interiors has got you covered. The floor sofas are very comfortable and made using high-quality materials. They are a must-have for your home. Besides just different colors, the floor sofas can be found in different styles and shapes depending on what you are looking for.

The floor sofas bring luxury to your home. They provide the ideal oriental touch that you might be looking for. You can place the sofas in your home, hookah bar, yacht, hotel, or just about any other place. The best thing about the floor sofas is that they are handmade in Turkey. Great care is taken to ensure that only the best piece is delivered to customers. The floor sofas come with backrest pillows and armrest pillows to provide you with extra comfort. They are the perfect place to relax after a tough day at work. All the covers come with hard foam filling inserts. The sofas are soft to touch and have a beautiful texture that makes them stand out. Impress your friends or partner with a gorgeous floor sofa. You can sit on the sofa or even sleep on it as it is super comfortable.

Extensive Variety

There is an extensive variety of sofas for you to choose from. Each sofa has an elegant authentic look. Ditch traditional sofas for something new. You will not regret it. If you have an ethnic or bohemian home interior, the floor sofas will perfectly complement it. Moreover, the top quality workmanship and finish make the sofas eye-popping and fun to look at. The covers have hidden zippers and are easy to wash and remove.

Easy to Move Around

One of the reasons why customers cannot seem to get enough of the floor sofas on Spirit Home Interiors is because they are easy to move around and assemble. You can have the sofa assembled in minutes and move it around to find out which location suits them best. Take the beauty of your home to the next level with these gorgeous floor sofas.

Majlis SeatingĀ 

There is something about majlis seating. It makes your home appear more welcoming and fun. When you place the majlis seating in your home or any other space, you will notice that visitors will feel more welcomed and relaxed. This will allow you to have a great time with others.

Affordable Oriental Furniture

Head over to Spirit Home Interiors to shop for affordable oriental furniture. Although the floor sofas, floor couches, rugs, carpets, pillowcases, and curtains are high-quality, they are also very affordable. Just about everyone can afford to buy Oriental furniture at the platform. The prices are so affordable that you might end up buying more items than you initially thought about buying.

Get Something Unique For Your Home/ Space

Turkey is known as the land of civilizations. It is the place to shop for unique and magical goods. Get something unique for your home by shopping for floor sofas, floor cushions, and many other items on Spirit Home Interiors. The items will transport you to another world. Get unique interior pieces for your space. Each piece is made with excellent care to detail and using the highest quality materials. Choose an alternative to mass-produced and boring items. It will ensure that you do not compromise on quality and design. Each item is made with outstanding workmanship.

Best Customer Service

Spirit Home Interiors truly cares about its valued customers. It goes out of its way to make sure that you receive the best customer service. You can count on the customer support team to have your best interests at heart. Customers can take advantage of 24/7 support to resolve any issues that they might be facing. With online support 24/7, you have nothing to worry about as there will always be someone ready to help you out.

14-Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your order or want to order something else, you can return the item and even request a refund. Spirit Home Interiors offers a 14-days money-back guarantee on its products. Thus, you do not have to stress about your money as you can always request a refund within 14 days of your purchase. This makes Spirit Home Interiors the perfect place to shop for floor seating items.

Daily Discounts

One of the best things about Spirit Home Interiors is that it offers daily discounts. This is why you should visit the website regularly to take advantage of the latest discounts. Thus, you will find new discounts every day.

Free Shipping in the UK

If your order is worth over GBP 100, you also benefit from free shipping in the UK. This makes the platform super affordable if you live in the UK. Free shipping across the UK is provided for every order that is over GBP 100.


Spirit Home Interiors is the perfect place to shop for floor sofas, floor cushions, and floor seating. The website is easy to use and offers affordable pieces that will blow your mind. Make sure to check it out for amazing daily discounts.

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