Entrepreneurs are go-getters who make things happen, but they’ve got a human side too. They love to be pampered, appreciated, and showered with thoughtful gifts, just like the rest of us.

Looking to get a gift for an inspiring, ambitious, and awesome entrepreneur in your life? You know that ever-busy someone you’d like to see push the envelope in the world of business.

Whether it’s for their upcoming birthday, wedding anniversary, business launch, the holidays, graduation, or just because, here are 6 perfect gifts that are sure to wow a busy entrepreneur in your life.

1- TEMEAYE Collapsible Water Bottle for an Active, Minimalist Entrepreneur

Given their packed schedules, busy entrepreneurs hardly have any time to think about seemingly trivial things like staying well-hydrated. That’s why this 18oz collapsible water bottle from Temeaye is a must-have for any entrepreneur who cares about their wellness.

Tipping the scale at just 197g, it folds down by half its size, making it a perfect water bottle for travel and everyday use by a busy minimalist. You can simply fold and tuck it away inside any bag or clip it onto a backpack using a carabiner. Sold in orange or black, the leak-proof bottle will be super handy for hiking, camping, gym, and even sports.

The bottle itself is built from food-grade platinum silicone that’s also FDA-approved and BPA-free, meaning it’s odorless, non-toxic and safe for drinking. Little wonder it was named one of the best collapsible water bottles for 2020 by CoolThingsChicago.

2- Tile Mate for the Entrepreneur Who Keeps Losing Stuff

Know an entrepreneur who keeps misplacing or losing things? With lots of tasks on their to-do lists, it’s only natural for entrepreneurs to be too busy to pay particular attention to pens, phones, keys, and whatnot. But time-wasting, especially looking for lost or misplaced stuff, is a big no-no in the world of entrepreneurship. 

Enter Tile Mate. This small, tile-like gadget can be attached to anything, from keys to wallets. When you lose the item in question, you can use a mobile app to find it in no time. All you have to do is open the Tile Mate app, tap a button and the lost item will make a loud vibrating sound so you can easily locate it.

What’s more: the device is fitted with a GPS beacon, which means you can access the last location of the missing item if it’s not within a hearing range. You can get Tile Mate in a pack of 1, 2 or 4. Buy Tile Mate on Amazon here.

3- Bymore Heated Socks for Outdoor Winter Lover

Long winter months can take a toll on anyone’s feet. This is especially the case for an entrepreneur who likes to burn the midnight candle in the home office. Perhaps the entrepreneur in your life likes to take a load off by skiing, snowboarding or hiking in winter.

If that’s the case, your giftee one will flip over quality thermal socks, including this awesome pair from Bymore. Made from a thick, breathable material, these socks are furry and cozy enough to keep your feet and toes toasty even in the most brutal winter. They also feature an absorbent layer to wick away sweat and keep nasty odors at bay.

The lining design is comfortable and lint-free, while the top is not only ribbed but also crafted from stretchy material to ensure a snugly fit. The layers are double-lined for added durability so that it can last longer and prevent pinching. These thermal socks are unisex and sold in three entrepreneur-friendly colors – navy blue, grey and black.

4- The Five Minute Journal for Every Busy Entrepreneur

Let’s face it; entrepreneurs can’t do without a planner or a daily journal. It’s a great way to be organized and stay ahead of the herd. That’s why it’s a fantastic gift of organization and productivity. 

With the Five-Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day, your entrepreneur loved one will put their business goals down in writing so that they can crush them in 2020. It boasts a structured daily format that allows you to bolster your mood every day, whether through end-of-day retrospection, daily affirmation, inspirational quotes, prioritizing your day, or gratitude.

The journal is divided into 2 sections, one for the morning routine and another for the end of the day. In every way, this gratitude planner helps you feel less isolated and more joyful, optimistic and happy, all of which can do wonders for an entrepreneur during business downturns. 

5- Maketh The Man Whiskey Decanter Set for Whiskey Enthusiast

Shopping for an extravagant entrepreneur who seems to have everything? You see, for some entrepreneurs, money is no issue. They live a luxury and ritzy life dotted by designer clothes, private jets, exotic vacations, and expensive whiskey.

If you’re hunting for a meaningful gift for the classy entrepreneur who doubles as an avid whiskey lover, this premium whiskey decanter set will get you on their A-list. With a timeless European design, this set of a 27-ounce decanter and four 10-ounce whiskey tumblers exude style and luxury like no one’s business. Moreover, you can buy whiskey online and send them the gift effortlessly.

The whole set comes in a snazzy gift box, making it an amazing gift for the holidays, engagements, weddings, Father’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays or marking new business milestones. The crystalware is old-fashioned and feels heavy in your hand, which is why it’s ideal for bourbon, scotch, spirits, brandy, mixers, and whiskey. It’s recommended for serious whiskey collectors.

6- Bodum Chambord French Press

You probably heard that “entrepreneurs turn coffee into money.” In today’s ever-busy business environment, this cliché is truer than ever before. That’s why this Bodum Chambord French Press is a must-have for entrepreneurs who work late nights and early mornings.

A French press offers a hassle-free way to make a delicious cup of joe. It’s super-fast and doesn’t call for special skills like pour-over coffee makers, plus it doesn’t hog too much counter space like drip machines. This simple but beautiful Chambord French press churns out a consistent and vivid-flavored cup of coffee that is neither muddied nor too light.

The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank, and yet it does a more bang-up job than its costlier counterparts. The features steel-filtering screens, an elegant glass beaker, and a refined stainless steel frame. It’s available in four capacities, including 12oz, 17oz, 34oz, and 51oz. And you can choose from 5 stylish colors – chrome, black, cork, gold, copper, white and matte chrome. Buy Bodum Chambord French Press on Amazon here.