Given the fact that a successful life follows a healthy life, diagnosis of a disease is very important. If you notice some kind of pain, chronic or not, it is extremely important to get yourself checked by a certified professional. Hand pathologies, for instance, need to be addressed as soon as possible so that nothing serious initiates.

Below are the five most common hand pathologies:

1.   Arthritis:

Arthritis is one of the most common hand disorders found in people. According to a research, every year 54.4 million people suffer from it. Arthritis can be of many different types. Hand arthritis usually affects the joints and cartilages. Cartilage is the smooth material at the end of your bones. With cartilage, the bones function properly. But with age, it wears down and causes wear-and-tear of one’s muscles.

Two most common types of hand arthritis; osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are extremely common forms of arthritis usually taking a toll on one’s wrists and hand joints. The two of these cause the muscles to swell, while osteoarthritis causes swelling of the joint lining.


The symptoms of arthritis include:

  • A dull or painful feeling in the arm or hand
  • Moreover cysts, unbearable pain are the symptoms of arthritis
  • Swelling and change in joint shape are the other symptoms of hand arthritis

For temporary relief, one can take pain killers. But to preserve the hand muscles and joints, make sure to see a certified professional in the field; doctor or surgeon.

2.   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

This one is a really common hand disorder one can contract. Caused by pressure on median nerve, the symptoms are pretty common and can go on to become very alarming, if left as they are.


  • Accompanied by numbness and tingly feeling in the arm and hand
  • This disorder is usually caused by pinched nerve in the arm or hand.
  • This disease causes weakness in the hand as well
  • The symptoms are not just limited to your hand, but travel from your wrist up to the arm

There can be many reasons for Carpal Tunnel Disorder like, prolonged usage of hand, pushing your muscles to the limit, doing a task which requires great exertion. Obesity and heredity are other causes of this disease as well. Carpool Tunnel Disease, one of the most common hand diseases worsen with time. If not diagnosed or treated in time, this disease can get worse. Upon timely diagnosis, this syndrome can be made to go away by certain injections and activity changes.

However, if the situation is serious, endoscopic treatment is required. In such case, carpal tunnel syndrome needs immediate professional surgery.

3.   Trigger Finger:

Trigger finger causes numbness in fingers of the hand. Usually the patient is not able to bend the fingers properly, as doing so causes intense pain. This is caused by inflammation and swelling in the finger’s tendon.


  • Finger stiffness
  • Tingly or clicking sensation in the fingers
  • Sore or hard thumb and finger

Trigger finger is caused by forceful usage of hand for a very long time. Although its exact cause is unknown, but usually people with severe diabetes and other health problems are most likely to get this disorder. For normal or not-so-severe trigger finger, methods different from surgery are used. For instance, special therapies and exercises.

If surgical remedies are required, treatments like called tenolysis or trigger finger release are used.

4.   Dupuytren’s Contracture:

This disorder is one of most common hand pathologies which people contract widely. In this disease, the tissue under the palm skin gets affected. The nerves get pulled which causes long-term spasms. More than that, the fingers start to bend abnormally. In the initial stages, it doesn’t make a lot of difference. But slowly, all the fingers become permanently bent and can’t function properly.


  • Usually the skin on the top of your palm starts to thicken as a result of affected tissue underneath the palm
  • Gnarls start to form, however they are not painful but sensitive to touch
  • In later stages, this disease can get to your hand fingers as well

For the treatment,  needling and enzyme injections are required. However, in case of failure with both, surgeries are required.

5.   Ganglion Cysts:

Ganglion cysts are another type of hand pathology which people contract commonly. These cysts are usually non-cancerous and form around the tendons and joints of hand. Being extremely small in size, these are less than an inch i.e., 2.5 cm. In most cases, if your ganglion cysts cause you problems, then it is recommended to get them removed. This usually happens if a nerve is pressed by that cyst. These cysts usually form on your hand and wrist tissues. These can be treated by needling. You can visit a professional as in, a doctor to get them needled. However, in case of surgery, find a professional surgeon.

6.   Cubital Tunnel Syndrome:

This syndrome occurs when the ulnar vein, which passes through the elbow gets swollen, injured or irritated etc. Cubital tunnel pain feels like someone has hit their ‘funny bone’. Funny bone is actually the ulnar vein.


Following are some of the common symptoms of cubical tunnel syndrome:

  • Numbness
  • Tingly feeling in the hand and elbow
  • Weak grip of hand
  • Hand pain

This syndrome can be diagnosed by X-ray, EMG and nerve conduction tests. However, for its treatment, cubital tunnel syndrome may require quite a few remedies, depending upon the condition.  At times, exertion of all sorts is limited. Some patients are made to wear elbow brace to limit every kind of movement and motion.  At times to stop inflammation, anti-inflammatory medicines are recommended.

In case of a severe condition which cannot be cured by the above mentioned remedies, surgeries are required.

So in case you feel any of these symptoms or simply have chronic hand pain, make sure you visit a doctor and other certified medical professionals.