How to get verified on Spotify

Music artists main goal is to get recognition in the music industry, it takes some efforts, but eventually, they will get there. Today artists are highly supported by music channels such as Spotify a popular live streaming platform hosting all music genres and giving the artist a platform to gain popularity. However, to survive in Spotify platform artist go for different promotional tools which can help them get to the top of Spotify playlist. There are several ways such as using the Spotify for artist tool, getting also verified they could buy Spotify monthly listeners to boost their chances on the platform.

An artist with blue ticks next to their names means they are verified on Spotify. However, verification comes with a lot of attachments; quality is never compromised. The artist should maintain the number of listeners and followers and keep the account active. Spotify verification also comes with advantages for the artist as they attract more audience to the Spotify page. They can get the attention of playlist curators and different influencers to their page, thus growing their fan base.

New changes on Spotify

Spotify app has eased the verification rules for artist today they don’t have to fill verification forms or have set a number of followers. The app has created a new feature for artist Spotify for the artist they need to login and follow few instructions to get verified.


Steps to get verified on Spotify

  • Your music should be visible on the artist profile

Uploading your music is the most natural part of Spotify. However, the artist should ensure the music is visible on their profile.  Ensure its correctly uploaded with no hitches, which can deter listeners from playing your music. To have perfect music upload artist can go an extra mile and use music services to help deliver your music on Spotify.

  • Logon to Spotify for artist

After successful music upload on your Spotify profile, the artist can access the Spotify for the artist. These a new feature from Spotify to help artist promote their music on the Spotify playlist and increase their fan base.

  • Account confirmation

An artist needs to confirm their Spotify account to proceed with the verification procedure.

  • Have a light insight on your account

First confirm whether you’re an artist, manager or label or other categories. Next select your Spotify account, official name on the account, and the email address which you will receive notifications.

  • Find and connect to the correct artist pages.

The artist should now look for a page to connect to, go to the artist page if you’re an artist. For managers and label, they should select manager pages.

Recheck the steps to ensure all details are okay then select the submit button, and with the steps, you’re set. The Spotify app will take a few days to validate the information before verifying the account. However, you can enjoy few features as updating the profile page anytime, posting artist playlist on your profile page. The artist can make an artist pick from the profile page and explore the Spotify analytics after the verification musicians can now have full access to all Spotify features. The page will display a blue check on the Spotify profile next to your name.

These will be a ticket to promote your songs more and gain an audience who prefer verified artists. Spotify is an excellent way to promote new music for an upcoming artist in the music industry. Musicians can venture in different media to increase their music popularity and let the fans and friends follow them on Spotify where they can like, follow and view their songs. These promote artists position on Spotify playlist.