Many of you may be thinking, ‘When digital marketing is being spoken about in every nook and corner of the marketing world, why printing is important in this digital world?’ Though it is true that digital marketing has simplified the ways in which products are promoted, it doesn’t mean that printing and its importance is lost.

The business promotions through printing are equally as important as any other digital means. As much as the reach of digital marketing is far and wide, so is the reach of the traditional marketing and it still has the ability to pull in a lot of leads. Here are some of the reasons why printing is important to include in your promotions.


Why Printing is Important for Your Business Promotions

  1. It helps in branding

Branding increases a company’s visibility and helps to showcase the company as a major player in its niche and therefore every business wants to brand itself and race over the existing businesses. For every purpose of branding, promotions through printing play a major role in it.

From the logo to the byline of the company, there are innovative ways through printing by which a company can leave its mark on the minds of its consumers. Business printing can be in the form of flyers, leaflets, catalogues, brochures, etc which projects itself as a major brand to reckon.

Through efficient and creative ways of printing, companies can make a mark for itself in the industry and attract a lot more customers.


  1. It increases credibility

There are many who ask ‘Why is printing important to modern society?’ It’s true that most of the communication has gone digital so there isn’t a lot to differentiate yourself from any other company.

But the minute the conversation gets to papers, it is time to make use of your printing materials to show your expertise and professional side. Even if you are a new company starting out, if you have a professional letterhead, invoices and other assorted printing materials, you can gain more trust along the way. The presence of a clean logo and your company details on any form of communication you do with clients and prospects can inculcate a sign of trust and also can be shown as an act of professionalism from your side.

This is especially useful for B2B companies where they interact with a lot other companies on a daily basis.


  1. It gives you a competitive edge

Though you might send in Christmas wishes and New Year wishes to your customers in email as it is obviously the affordable option, it is going to get lost in the other similar emails from other companies.


Do you want to stand out from the others and get the customer to notice you?

Custom plastic cards can be ordered online on platforms like Send one of these personal greeting cards through postal services  to your major customers. You will need to spend a little money and time on it but it will be totally worth it as customers will find it more personal and of much more value than the other bulk emails they have received. In the time when wishes have from friends and relatives have also gone digital, your greeting card will hold much value.

Slyly include a company brochure in it too and you will definitely see an increase in sales. Even if they don’t make a purchase right away, the minute they need a product or a service similar to what your company offers, yours will be the first company that comes to their mind.

You can think of more such ways to include a personal touch through printing to use it for promotions.


  1. It helps in advertising creatively

When people think of printing, they generally think about leaflets, brochures and so on. But what many fail to understand is that even posters and printed signs are a part of the print media. The importance of print media in advertising starts with the big posters that we see at every road corner. It captures the attention and stays in one’s subconscious mind.

You can also go for small posters in front of your shop or think creatively and include innovative ways to present your print media. For example, a printing company in Melbourne offers innovative presentation folders with various ideas to present one’s brand.

You can also get the boards to keep it outside your shop and write quirky innovative messages in it every day. It will definitely attract the attention of your passersby and compel them to opt for your store the next time.


  1. It can be effectively personalized

Since all the companies’ communications are through emails, how much ever one tries to personalize its content, it cannot create the effect in a way print media can. Instead of sending out vouchers through emails, you can give the vouchers, coupons, promotional mugs in hand when the customer visits the shop or when making a delivery. You can include a personal note with it with their name and this will stay in their mind much more than the coupons that they get through emails.


  1. It helps to portray a clear identity

Since promotions through print media almost always are accompanied by the logo, company name and byline, it projects a clear image of the company and what it stands for. And that’s why printing is important! Wherever print media is used–be it flyers, posters, personal posts, custom pens or any other materials–it describes out and loud about what the company is and this helps to create the right image in the minds of the customers.


There are some of the reasons attributed to why printing is important for promotional purposes.

Printing is a great promotional strategy which when used can give you an upper hand than your competitors. Though it has become underrated, there is still a lot of importance of print media in society and if you have been wondering why printing is important, this would have served as an eye-opener.