Have you ever been in a situation where you need information about a cell phone number and you are unable to? You try using the search engines and you come up with nothing. Again you try to use Facebook, but that doesn’t work either. So by now, you are probably fed up and tired of looking. If so, you might as well give it one more shot by using a reverse lookup.

A reverse lookup also known as a reverse mobile directory will allow you to type in any number, whether it is a landline, mobile phone, or an unlisted number, into their database, and it will search for all the information you need. You will receive information like the name of the person who owns that phone number. You will also get a background report about the person, and if they have had any prior criminal records.

Understand this, the information provided is detailed and compiled from data sources from all over the web including the major phone companies. Reverse phone lookups are not the same as your standard online phone directory because of the way they access information. Reverse phone lookups access information from both free and paid data bases.

While it is quick and easy to find information about someone through a reverse phone lookup, you have to make sure of a few things before you dive into one. First and foremost, make sure that the site is updated. To know this, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page. It will show the copyright year. If that year is current, there’s a good chance that the site has been updated. Second, make sure you go through a secure form of payment such as PayPal. This is to make sure that your transaction is safe and private.

Fortunately one of the reputable providers of reverse lookup service is checkthem. They have an amazing reputation for delivering fast and accurate results at a very affordable price for a reverse phone lookup. What is also wonderful is that for a flat rate, you can look up many phone numbers and get all kinds of information on the landline and mobile phone numbers that you desire. So if you need to instantly find out the owner of a phone number then a reverse phone lookup is for you. If perhaps you need a quick background check on a potential babysitter then again a reverse phone lookup is for you.


So how can you use it?

If you need very basic information like the name or location open the site checkthem.com type in the number and click on the green search now button. Boom! that’s it, you get the info just like that. If you want very detailed information you will have to pay a small fee.

Now that you know more about reverse lookup and what they can do for you, it is time to start searching the right way. So go on and check them out by doing a background search.