Whenever you see your dog, you might get “butterflies and a sudden urge to hug them’ but as soon as it comes near you for a hug or a kiss, its bad breath makes you avoid it’s cute and adorable face.

Now, you might be wondering that this bad breath is because of something your dog ate? Well, think carefully because your dog might have a medical condition due to which it has a bad breath.

But, don’t worry. Today you will be educated on 6 reasons why your dog has a bad breath. Let’s get you started.

Gum disease:

It is the most common disease vet’s find in dogs and it is mainly the root cause of a bad breath in dogs. It starts when bacteria in the mouth turns into plaque which later on sticks to the surface of the teeth.

The plaque then turns into tartar which when spread into the bloodline can cause heart, kidney and liver problems to your dog.

If you want to eliminate this problem, brush your dog’s teeth minimum three times a day with the help of a dog toothpaste and a brush.


Just like humans, the baby teeth of dogs are pushed by adult teeth. Although puppies have the sweetest breath but sometimes it can get bad too.

This is caused by the bacteria when the baby teeth are converting into adult teeth.


Dogs that have diabetes can have their breath smell fruity or sweet. Not only this but they start to drink and urinate a lot.

Other symptoms include increased appetite, weight loss and some behavioral changes.

If you see any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate in taking your dog to the vet for a diagnosis.

Liver Disease:

If your dog has a strong breath and has other symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, eyes and gums turning yellow, then it might have a liver disease.

If you find these symptoms, it’s better that you take your dog urgently for a checkup.

Kidney Disease:

If your dog’s breath smells somewhat like urine and apart from that, there are symptoms such as loss of appetite, weight changes, behavioral changes, then chances are that your dog has a kidney disease.


Diet is important as well when it comes to bad breath. If your dog is eating healthy food, then the chances of bad breath are less.

But, sometimes your dog might find the most disgusting thing, interesting to eat. Such as food from the garbage.

This can cause your dog’s bad breath. This is temporary unless your dog is in love with garbage food.

If your dog shows signs of a foul and strong breath and shows symptoms which relates to the disease above, then don’t hesitate even for a bit and take your dog to the vet instantly.

Because if these diseases are not treated in time, they can build up to be something more awful and your adorable pet might have to suffer a lot. Don’t be late!