I think everyone will agree with me when I say: It is frustrating and confusing to plan a trip, especially when you do not know the place well.

Switzerland is a popular tourist destination because of its mesmerizing and breathtaking views, mountains, chocolate, cheese, and much more. One of the cities you should visit is Lucerne. Located in central Switzerland, it is the most populous city in the region. This picturesque city has a lot to offer, from beautiful mountains to a rich history.

In this post, I have listed the top 6 things to do that you will enjoy in Lucerne.

Visit Lake Lucerne

The first place you should visit is Lake Lucerne. The city is located near the banks of Lake Lucerne. The sight it provides is unmatched, probably you should not miss it. There are several ways to enjoy this lake. You can get a ride on a ferry or boat, or even a steam cruiser. It is a perfect way to spend a day gliding through the lake and admiring the astonishing views of the mountains.

Another way to spend time at the Lake is by Hochzeit Vierwaldst├Ąttersee. It will be a wonderful and romantic way to tie the knot.

Enjoy Panoramic Views from Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus is a beautiful mountain in Lucerne. There are different ways to go up the mountain. You can take a super steep cog rail or ride a boat. Besides, you can even hike up, though it might be tough for amateurs. It offers a scenic view of the lake and city. To ensure you have an exceptional experience, you can have lunch at the mountain top.

Kapellbrucke or The Chapel Bridge

Another wonderful thing to do in the city is visiting the Chapel Bridge. Being among the famous sights in the city, it is a great opportunity to know more about history. The iconic bridge is popular for restored paintings and tall stone water tower. The views of the surrounding are awe-inspiring and stunning. On one side, you can see the vast beautiful lake and on the other side, you can see the Old Town.

Walk Around the Kornmarkt

When you visit the Chapel Bridge, you must also visit Kornmarkt. This is an old Town square where you can see the beautifully painted buildings. It is a quaint area with an abundance of restaurants and shops. One of the most important things to see in the area is Kornschutte, the clock tower.

Visit the Glacier Garden

One of the places that are worth checking out is the Glacier Garden. This is a one-of-a-kind museum that is not only mesmerizing but educational as well. It is built around the glacial pothole that will teach you about geology.

See the Lion Monument

For all the art and history lovers, the Lion Monument is a must-see place. There is a lion carved on the side of the cliff; it is a fascinating work of art. There is more to it; the wounded lion honors the Swiss soldiers who were massacred during the French revolution.

Are you excited to visit Lucerne? Which place will you visit first? Let us know in the comments.