The United States of America is the top educational destination attracting students from nations across the world. Some of the best schools on 美国大学排名 receive hundreds of thousands or even millions of international applications every year, out of which the few best get a coveted admission into an institution of their choice. However, moving to a new country and adjusting to its new ways is a major shift in the pace of life. Here are a few things you should know as an international student.

  1. Use campus resources

Most American universities boast of a bunch of excellent on-campus resources to help their international students adjust and do well in their lives and education. From career counselors to mental health support, you just need to ask for it and you will get help. Not only that, there are great financial aid and student discounts you can use as well.

  1. Buy used books

Textbooks are crazy expensive, and they do put a huge dent in your pocket. Scour the local communities, social media and look for students who are willing to sell their old books at a lower price. You will be able to save a serious amount of money this way. If you’re lucky you might even manage to get some books and reading materials free of cost as well.

  1. It will be a busy time

Class schedules might be super flexible and laidback, but you will actually find it hard to catch a break. With exams, quizzes, projects, papers and more, you are likely to be quite busy, through the year and not just before exams. The best way to get through this is to ensure that you keep up with your study and not lag behind at any cost.

  1. Strike a balance

The moment you enter college, you will be flooded with a ton of social and educational events, parties and activity around the campus, which can be quite exciting. Moreover, the newfound freedom will make you want to throw all caution to the wind. But it is important to remember that you are here for your education. Thus, you need to strike a balance between academics and fun, so that you do get good grades in your degree.

  1. Seek out community

Living in a new country, miles away from family, old friends and everything you grew up with, can also be a lonely feeling. Try to seek out people who share a national, regional or cultural heritage with you. This way you can at least have yourself some familiar links with home, even when you are away from home.


  1. Don’t forget yourself

Balancing education and activities, adjusting to a new country, homesickness, taking care of yourself and new responsibilities, and often, the additional stress of holding a job on top of it all, can be quite overwhelming. Make sure you do not ignore yourself, your physical or mental health in the process. Take some time out to decompress, relax and pamper yourself.

Moving to an unknown new land for opportunities is a brave and daunting thing to do. While the changes might challenging, all your hard work and struggle will reap rich rewards for your career.